Ever since the hype of the Juul a lot of vapers including us here on The Vape Snob team carry these nifty devices around in our daily arsenals. Closed system devices are making a small comeback, and we couldn’t be more pleased that an awesome company like Vape Forward has developed this and are getting together with some of everyones favorite juice brands on this big project that has been labeled the Cync. You’ll for sure be seeing more about this once we can get our hands on it here.

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  • Just received mine in the mail. Took about a week to get here. Bought the standard starter kit with Five Pawns menthol tobacco flavor. Ordered some extra pods as well. So far the size is perfect, and it has a little bit of weight to it, so it doesn’t feel cheap.

  • Tony Zanghi

    It’s a piece of junk and no where near the Juul. I bought this kit for my owner, his wife and 5 managers. Out of all the starter kits only one pod didn’t leak into your mouth, or not work at all. The battery is a glorified ego-t with a usb charger including zero temp control or voltage regulation. So when the battery level goes to the yellow get ready to drink some 45mg eliquid!!! Yummy….. When it’s fully charged if you hit it more than 5 times in a row get ready for a burnt hit!!!……Yummy again…..After being disgusted by this I took apart the pod to find something that isn’t cotton or silica shoved so tight inside that it makes sense why it tastes like garbage…..NO JUICE CAN GET TO THE COIL…. Overall spend your money elsewhere because this thing came out in 2008 and was even better back then.

    • Brian Michael Walters

      Hey Tony,
      Vape Forward has seen your posts in every online forum and have always welcomed every email, whether it be positive or negative. We learn from your feedback.
      Fact is, the rush to A8 compromised quite a bit on the production line. When you have deadlines to meet and you are pushing an entire assembly line to work at their fastest pace, QC is compromised.
      Every comment, review or post that you have seen to date, has been solely based on the first wave of pods hitting the streets. Thanks to our amazing customers and reviewers that have told us about their experiences, Quality Control was able to provide laser focus on the production line in the areas that were needed.
      This week we received the second run of pods off the production line that will be used for our B&M release and we are incredibly pleased with the production and consistency. Anyone that had a negative word to say will see exactly what our spec was meant to be. If you had a negative experience, besides sharing it with forums, please contact us. We’d love to hear your input and will gladly replace anything defective you have received. Contact Support@vape-forward.com.
      Cync is coming out swinging in the next week, are you on board?
      Contact Wholesale@vape-forward.com for information.

  • Amanda

    Not indicated anywhere, but one would assume this (as with the Juul) are intended first & foremost for new(er) vapers. Of course, anyone including long-time vapers can & do use them also for on the go, pocket-friendly, easy peasy stealth vaping. Those, specifically imho.. are the only ones who would or could possibly enjoy this model tho. New(er) vapers (any I’ve known, talked to &/or come across anyway) ESP at first, are & will be seeking a very restricted MTL type of inhale, similar to that of a cigarette. Problem is, the Cync only offers a way more airy (than MTL) direct lung inhale style. MTL pulls aren’t even possible. Tried many different pod flavors & both sizes. All, were a restricted but overall loose DL vape. While I’d like it……… most, if not all new(er) vapers would be instantly turned off, disappointed & probably pissed that they can’t get the thing to ‘work’ (knowing not much about vaping OR devices… would just expect it to be MTL similar & recognizable) imho. Love the flavor options BUT… thought they were SUPER light/subtle flavored, overall for whatever reason. If I. as a long time vaper instantly thinks that? Phew… someone w/ non-existent smoker taste-buds might as well just vape unflavored & save themselves $$$. Just my 10 cents.. sry. Live long(ER) & vape on! #ABillionLivesFilm #notblowingsmoke #Right2vape #vapingSHOULDNTbeatobaccoproduct #nicotineONLYshownaddictiveINcigarettes #thankAvaperforYOURcleanerDeadly2ndhandsmokeFREEairForyourkidstoo 🙂