Vape Snob Daily Carry Featuring Rocky From The Vape Summit <3

  • Apple Phone 6
  • Samsung Note 4
  • Diary
  • Mophie Power Station
  • Montblanc Pen
  • Giantvapes Penstyle tube with King Crest’s Duchess
  • LV iPhone holder with Reaper SX w/M-Atty Meb Mods
  • Key To Tesla
  • Chapstick
  • Orbits Gum
  • GOYARD Bifold Wallet Canvas/Leather 
  • Hundred Dollar bill Plus Eight Dollars w/band total $108

    Rocky's iPhone 6

    Who knows what goes on in this iPhone

    Rocky's Galaxy Note 4

    What Rocky use to doodles on his notes

    Rocky's Mophie Powerstation

    Rocky's Mobile powerstation

    Rocky's Montblanc Pen

    How Rocky sign million dollar deals

    Rocky's Reaper SX Box

    Reaper SX Box From the guys from TearDrip

    Rocky's Keys

    Rocky is all about saving the environment 😛

    Rocky's Giant Vapes Pen Style Bottle

    30ml Giant Vapes bottle

    Rocky's Daily Vape

    Duchess! go by it at

    Rocky's M-Atty

    Rocky only vapes the good shit.

    Rocky's Diary

    Rocky's Diary where is writes up his hit list.

    Rocky's Clapstick

    The man likes to keep it moist

    Rocky's Gum

    Orbits Gum this is what he gives to people who have bad breath.

    Rocky's way of making a living

    you wanna make money?

    Rocky's Wallet/Passport

    Goyard Wallet