Vape Snob Daily Carry Featuring Senpai Quoc T. Ho

  1. Secret Hollow Capsule/Bullet
  2. THRST E-Liquid
  3. Anatolian Mods
  4. Garage Of Creation
  5. Fell Hoelter Pen
  6. Collier Metal Work Top
  7. Burch Tree Blades Pocket Knife
  8. Gucci Money Clip
  9. Tagua Gunleather Sig P238 Inside Pants Gun Holster
  10. Sig Sauer P-238
  11. Grain Starfire Hollow Point Ammo

Gucci Microguccissima Leather Money Clip

Senpai Q so fancy o .o)m

PMC Gold Starfire .380 Hollow Point Ammo

20 rounds PMC Gold Starfire .380 Auto. 95 Grain Starfire Hollow Point Bullets Senpai Q does not play

Tagua Gunleather Sig P238 Inside Pants Gun Holster

Senpai Q stay strapped

Secret Hollow Capsule/Bullet

Senpai Q always come prepared

Anatolian Box Mod

Anatolian Mod's Facebook Fanpage

Collier Metal Works

Senpai not only vapes but plays tops o .o

Fell Hoelter Pen

Senpai always ready to sign on the spot.

Knife is Burchtree v2

All day

THRST E-Liquid

Senpai Q Daily Vape 18mg Nic X _X)m

P-238 Nitron

Senpai Q Always Ready

Garage Creations H-dripper and Drip Tip

Senpai Q H-Dripper