What’s a Vape Snob?

Both of the words “vape” and “snob” have a negative connotation to it…the words “vape snob” has actually been thrown together on some forums and conversations to indicate a pretentious individual who thinks he’s better than another, simply because the individual put their lips on a more expensive vape.

The name alone…literally gives us a bad name…but to us, being a “Vape Snob” is not about being elite or better than another person because you suck on a more expensive piece of metal. The Vape Snob is truly meant to showcase appreciation for the craftsmanship of vapes, the highest quality and best tasting e-juice, the ”cool sh*t bro” stuff about vaping, as well as education and advocacy about vaping (which we know we need to do more of).  Most people hate on vaping (or pretty much anything in general) due to their lack of knowledge (and/or ignorance) of the topic.  One of the goals of The Vape Snob is to educate people…in more than one way.


What does The Vape Snob do?

The Vape Snob was launched in April of 2015 as a one-stop news source for savvy vape enthusiasts. The frustration with having to browse dozens (if not hundreds) of E-Cig forums, social media, and other vape blogs to keep up with the latest information, led to the creation of The Vape Snob, which has allowed for the latest news and industry insight to be broadcast through one specific medium.

Features and interviews that profile modders, e-juice makers, and collectors serve as a platform for companies to showcase new and upcoming products, while keeping readers informed of new trends, retailers, and events.  With so many new mods and e-liquids coming out each day, The Vape Snob highlights and reviews products and e-liquid to help readers discern quality from hype.


Where Is The Vape Industry Headed?

In regards to the industry…vaping is evolving everyday. We as a community really have a head start in regards to vape knowledge compared to the general public.  The industry is in its infant stages…nothing is set in stone, people are constantly looking for the next “new” and forgetting certain things about vaping. We see the industry is going more towards “convenience” which is great, but what we’re trying to do is find the best and new as well as preserve the history and culture of the community.

We like to compare vaping to drinking single-malt scotch.  With single-malt scotch, you need to drink it a certain way with a certain glass with a certain ice cube in order to truly appreciate it.  Most people don’t think about the arduous process it took for the single-malt scotch to become the drink the person is sipping on.  In our humble opinion, the same can be said for vaping… its creation and consumption are also a unique experience in it’s own right. That appreciation for a product and that culture is something that we try to convey to the community.