Psyclone Mods first entry for an RDA called the HALADY. The video below will explain why we’re so hyped on this atty.

Hadaly – $70.50

Delrin & Acrylic Cap – $15.50 each

Ultem Cap – $17.50

One Piece Delrin & Acrylic Cap – $17.50 each

One Piece Ultem Cap – $20.50

Ultem Drip Tip – $10.50

-22mm outer diameter.

– Stainless steel construction with peek insulation

– Precision adjustable airflow with 4 points of contact for superior performance and flavor

– Extra deep well for more vaping and less dripping

– “NEW” two post style deck featuring innovative coil clamping system (CCS) for effortless coil installation and all vaping styles

– Delrin drip tip & bottom feed pin included – Accessories available

Definitely one of the best rda for flavor.