Are you tired of carrying around a bottle of your favorite e-juice everywhere you go? Fed up with your vape running out of juice constantly? Then you might want to take a good close look at the Lost Vape Furyan Mech Squonker Mod, the latest to come from Lost Vape.

Being the first full-mechanical squonker mod from Lost Vape, the Furyan continues the company’s tradition of adding beautiful form to function with your choice of black or amber finish with a polished brass Ultem resin.

Oh, and on a side note, it seems the name “Furyan” comes from the Riddick movies and refers to an alien with superhuman powers. Furyan is the perfect name for this new mod from Lost Vape. Alrighty, let’s dive into this mech squonker!

Lost Vape Furyan

Why Buy a Squonk Mod?

Let’s start with capacity, the average vape mod holds around 2ml of your favorite e-juice. Not enough to last very long at all. The average Squonk box can hold between 7 and 10ml of juice. This ought to be more than enough to last through several vaping sessions without the need to refuel.

Squonk boxes also don’t suffer the fate of leaking and over dripping, something that makes a squonk mod far more comfortable for you to use on the go. When it comes to over dripping, the design of this mod allows any excess juice to flow back into the bottle.

Plus, you get to enjoy many of the features you have come to appreciate with any other RDA. These include massive cloud production, superior airflow, and great flavor. Also, you still can assemble your atomizer coils any way you want them to be.

Let’s Take a Look At The Lost Vape Furyan

Lost Vape Furyan Box

The Lost Vape Furyan comes in a no-frills slide apart box. The box itself is beautiful, replete with the Lost Vape logo and the name of the mod embossed on the outside. Nothing fancy but definitely a high-quality box that is indicative of what you can expect to find inside.

Inside the box:

  • 1 x Furyan Squonk Mod
  • 1 x 18650 Battery Adaptor
  • 2 x 9.0ml Silicone Squonk Bottle
  • 1 x Brass Polishing Cloth
  • 1 x User Manual

The Furyan is visually delightful with the spectacular shiny new Squonk mod nestled in the foam. Trying hard not to cover the Furyan in fingerprints, since the polished finish gives it see-through look that is very appealing; we lifted it out of the box.

Thankfully, you can easily keep the prints at bay with the enclosed polishing cloth. The brass finished fire button is quite large and has a longer throw than you might be used to, but the safety switch feels very solid and works quite well.

At the top of the mod, the name Furyan has been beautifully engraved, while at the other end both the battery and bottle caps look great and work well. Overall, the Furyan offers the type of excellent build quality for which Lost Vape has become known.


  • Nice shiny finish and excellent build quality
  • Excellent fire and safety switches
  • 9.0 ml juice bottle (you get 2 in the box)
  • Fits 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries


  • Battery can be hard to remove without have nails
  • Bottle may be hard to remove for those with bigger hands


Time to Look at Lost Vape Furyan’s Features

Easy In-Bottle Storage

While some Squonk mods make it very challenging to remove and replace the juice bottle, the Furyan was designed to make the task easier. To remove the cap simply twist it until the notches line up and slip the cap, complete with the bottle, out of the box.

The bottles themselves are made from silicone, which if you have issues with arthritis, might make vaping a lot easier for you since it is very easy to squeeze.

If dexterity is an issue, you may want to consider using a Squonk refill bottle. The bottles that come with the mod can be challenging for you to handle once they have been filled and you have replaced the top cap. Providing your hands function normally, unlike those of our tester (arthritis is no fun), you should have no problem with the stock bottles.

Lost Vape Furyan

The Battery Slot

The battery slot is under the cap next to the one for the juice bottle. It is clearly marked for polarity to ensure you can’t make a mistake when installing the battery. The Furyan also comes with an adaptor for 18650 batteries, so you can get started right away.

The Fire Button

One of the most significant issues we have seen with many different mods is the fire button. Some are weak, making it easy to fire up in your pocket, others just don’t feel right no matter how long you use the vape.

This one is hard to explain, but you just know when you like the feel of the button and when it just doesn’t feel right. The Furyan feels nice and solid with no “rattle” and offers a second brass switch you push up into place to lock the fire button.

Lost Vape Furyan

In Your Pocket

The smooth rounded edges are comfortable to hold onto and at the same time doesn’t dig into your thigh when you stuff the Lost Vape Furyan in your pocket. The juice bottle access slot in the front of the rig is large enough to get in a good healthy bottle squonk/squeeze with ease. The edges have been nicely smoothed to keep you from cutting a finger.


With a single coil set at 0.15 Ω and dual coil RDA tweaked a bit higher, it was easy to see the Lost Vape Furyan is a superior squonk box mod. Huge tasty clouds of your favorite vape juice are yours to behold at the press of the fire button.

A slight squonk on the bottle soaks the coils and at the same time sucks out any excess. Keeping your vape ready to use, but your pocket dry, no more over dripping mess to deal with here.

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Alternatives To The Lost Vape Furyan Squonk Box Mod

Three alternatives to the Lost Vape Furyan box mod that are worth considering if you are not sure about this mech squonker.

Boxer Squonk Mod Classic DNA 250C

Boxer Mod Classic

This is a beautiful 3D printed box mod with the Evolv DNA 250C color chipset on board. It takes two 20700 batteries and uses an easy fill pod system for your juice.

The full-color TFT screen is filled with information to help you dial in your perfect vape hit. Uses a single fire button and uses a 1.2Ω coil. A little spendy, but a nice solid Squonk box mod.

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SMOANT Battlestar Box Mod

Smoant Battlestar

This ergonomically designed box mod uses a rocker switch to operate the highly versatile temperature control suite. The power output can be adjusted from 1 to 200 watts and adapts to several different types of coil.

Powered by a pair of 18650 batteries, the Battlestar offers an easy to use fire button alongside the rocker switch that allows you to make adjustments on the fly with one hand.

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Vaporesso Revenger X Vape Mod

Vaporesso Revenger X

This is an excellent vape for beginners. It comes loaded with a number of standard features designed to put advanced vaping in the hands of even the most inexperienced vaper.

This includes such features as temperature control for several different types of coil, bypass, and variable power with an outstanding power curve. With 2 18650 batteries, you can have 220W at your coil within one-tenth of a second.

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The Last Squonk

We have had the pleasure of testing many different vapes, but the Lost Vape Furyan Squonk Mod may have just sold us on making the switch to a squonker. The Furyan is easy to fill, hits nice and hard, and offers flawless performance.

What more could you ask for? On top of all this, it is a beautiful mod to behold and is sure to impress your vaping buddies. Everything about this vape screams quality from the easy to use button to the superb finish. Best of all, Lost Vape is so proud of their finish, they included a polishing cloth in the box to help you keep your Furyan looking its best no matter where you happen to be.

And finally, there is the 9ml Squonk bottle to consider, that should be enough juice to last you all day long without having to carry a spare bottle of juice around with you. Ten out of ten, this is a great box mod!

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