Venvii has just released a scaled down version of their Loch Ness box mod, the Venvii Baby Ness. Based off the highly sought after custom vape mod, The Loch Ness, which would sell on auctions for $5,000-$8,000.

Rather than going for huge wattages to achieve the perfect vape hit, they have instead focused on using the latest temperature control technology to create a vape that can still pump out massive clouds of your favorite vape. Let’s take a closer look at this new vape from Venvii and see it lives up to its heritage.

Variable Temperature Control – Do You Need It?

Like, many of the latest mods on the market, the Baby Ness offers variable temperature control as one of its main features. If you have been using a standard single temp mod, you may not fully understand the difference between variable wattage and variable temperature settings.

Think of variable temperature control in terms of a steak. Some of us like ours rare (best steak ever) at 120-125F others like theirs well done (um?) at 145-155F internal temp.

The same thing applies to vaping. For example, if you prefer to vape “menthol” type flavors, the vapor needs to be cooler to give you that cooling menthol sensation. But, if you can’t live without that tasty desert-style or creamy flavors, your vape needs to be cranked up to much higher temperatures, in order to fully enhance the many subtle flavors found in these e-juices.

Those of you who dream of chasing massive clouds all day long also need higher temps (higher wattage) to produce them. Dialing in the right wattage and voltage once took a lot of time, effort, and money (buying coils, batteries, and chips).

The Baby Ness demonstrates how adjusting the temperature electronically makes things much easier for those who like to fine-tune their vapes for the perfect hit.

Say Hello to the Venvii Baby Ness Temp Control Box Mod

Okay, so the first thing we noticed was the simple no fuss-no packaging. A nice basic presentation which belies the beautiful monster hiding within. Slide the box open, and inside you will find a neat little cloth baggy with your new Baby Ness and an instruction booklet.

Along with this, you will find a USB cable and an adaptor for 18650 batteries. That’s it, nothing fancy, just exactly what you need.

We ordered the Ebony model, and fresh out of the bag before any fingerprints have a chance to leave their mark, you can’t help but notice this is one beautiful shiny black powder coated finish. The only part that seems a little out of place is the plastic battery cover. But on the other hand, it fits snugly and doesn’t rattle, which is a game-saver for us.


  • Elegant Battery Door Design
  • Excellent finish and build quality
  • Solid “clicky” fire button
  • Easy to use menu
  • Perfect size for portability
  • Bright OLED screen – easy to read


  • Smaller screen 
  • Plastic battery door
  • Doesn’t come with a battery (most mods don’t)

Let’s Take a Look at Baby Ness’ Features

A box mod is only as good as the features it offers and the quality of its build as well. The Baby Ness uses a standard three-button setup with five clicks on/off safety. It has a nice “clicky” fire/select button. To make adjustments, you turn the mod on with five clicks and then three more will take you into the menu.

On the Screen

The 0.91-inch OLED screen is sharp and easy to read, plus you can set the orientation to suit your personal preference.  The screen displays a wealth of information including:

  • Battery Charge Level
  • Puff Counter
  • Temperature Mode
  • Temperature Output
  • Atomizer Resistance
  • Output Power
  • Power Indicator

Under the Hood

Like your favorite hot rod, which depends on having a powerful engine under the hood to win the race (bigger is always better), the performance of your vape depends in part on the size of battery it uses. Venvii Baby Ness is designed to accept three different batteries. The recommended battery is a 21700, and it performs all the way up to the 120W rating very well.

For those of you who have a few 18650 batteries lying around, (and who doesn’t?), inside the box is an 18650 adaptor, so you don’t have to run right out and buy another battery. With either the 18650 or 20700 battery, the Baby Ness will only go up to 80W. 

Temperature Control

Venvii Baby Ness

While temperature control is not exactly new, in the past three years since this feature first started to show up on the market, it has become trendy. We love the fact that with temperature control, you always get the hit you want. Temperature control was first developed as a way to eliminate dry wicks that smoked or caught fire.

Research has shown inhaling burnt cotton smoke is terrible for your health (Like Ba Muy Ba beer in Good Morning Vietnam) as it contains formaldehyde and numerous other chemicals. Varying the temperature also allows you to choose the right temperature for each type of e-juice you like to enjoy.

Wattage Control

Adjusting the wattage in your Venvii Baby Ness is simple using the two buttons and the right menu screen.  When you alter the wattage, you affect the size of the vapor cloud you produce and increase the temperature of the vapor. Simply put, the higher you set the wattage, the more power is delivered to the coil and the hotter it will get.

But there is a caveat (downside), the higher you run the wattage, the faster your battery will be depleted. Where running at low wattage may last for an entire day, running at peak wattage can kill your battery in no more than a few hours.

Built-in Protection

Venvii Baby Ness

One of the most common issues with many vape mods is the lack of any type of protection. In the early days of modding, it was not unusual to hear of vapes or their batteries overheating and exploding. Fortunately, the Venvii Baby Ness has several built-in automatic protection features, including:

  • Battery Protection
  • Thermal Cut-Off Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection 
  • Auto Fire Protection

Accepts a Variety of Coils

With so many different vaping styles and juices on the market, it seems only natural for a box mod to accept different coils readily. The Baby Ness is designed to work with atomizers ranging from 0.05 ohms all the way up to 2.0 ohms.

However, the manufacturer does recommend using a 0.2-ohm coil. We tried it with a 0.20 and a 0.05-ohm coil, and the Baby Ness worked flawlessly with both in a 26mm atomizer and found each produced excellent results with the 0.05-ohm coil creating clouds that filled the room in no time flat.

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The Final Puff

Venvii Baby Ness

The Baby Ness is yet another fantastic vape from Venvii (also known as Envii). It is easy to use, and an excellent robust overall design. Accepts atomizers up to 26mm in diameter with no overhang, leaving you with plenty of options. The clean lines, simple to use menus and a full range of features without all the flashing lights and “B.S.” make the Baby Ness an excellent choice.

One of the many things we truly love about the Venvii Baby Ness is the ability to install more than one type of battery and that it comes with an adapter for the 18650 battery we all have laying around. It fits comfortably in the hand with the fire button located in just the right spot (we hate chasing fire buttons), this is very impressive vape that is well worth the cost and is sure to keep you vaping for years to come.

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