• Closed Deck
  • Bottom Airflow
  • 24mm Outer Diameter
  • Large Build Deck
  • Large Air Chamber
  • Large Juice Well
  • No Leaking in Hybrids
  • Fits Most Box Mods
  • 510 Threading
  • Not for use on mods with a recessed 510 connector



    The original Kennedy was a huge success and changed the game utilizing bottom airflow. With the new renditions of the Kennedy 22 and 24, you don’t have to worry about leakage into your mod because the air holes are now directed outward instead of the old style strictly bottom. The Kennedy 24 is my personal favorite from the linage of Kennedy products because it looks so much better than many other atomizers. I am a fan of minimalist designs and the Kennedy is the epitome of minimalist. The building space is large enough to put all standard coils in and a few claptons. The chamber space combined with the airflow really makes for a very comfortable draw with little to no spitback. If you over drip, this will be a pain. Over dripping causes the juice to just go straight on to the top of your mod and down the side, definitely not a fun experience. Large bore drip tip included and custom caps available provide ways to customize your minimalist design. This atomizer is a heavy duty work horse. Even the copper screws and posts continue to work without stripping. I’ve had mine since the Kennedy 24 came out and my posts still have their integrity. Another thing to note is the size of the post holes. You can easily get dual 20g in those holes if that’s your thing.


Should you buy it?

    If you want a dripper that is going to look good on your box mods, this might be one of the best options. The price is ‘up there’ ranging from $100-$110 so that could be a bit discouraging for some. Bottom line: it’s a solid dripper with low tendency to leak if built correctly and well thought out design.