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Yup, Soon…. We know everyone has been getting antsy but it’s finally here. The Entheon RDA, I can barely get everything out I need to regarding this but I’m gonna try. As I initially teased, the Entheon’s drop was to be at Houston Showcase on September 16. Due to the devastation in Houston, it was best for Showcase to postpone and relocate. The decision has been supported all the way around as it’s best for the show, the city and the people. However, this threw us a slight curve ball as we have had this date set for months. So, after Mac and I spoke we decided we couldn’t postpone the Entheon anymore and drop it at Showcase in Dallas in November. We can’t do it to you guys anymore!

To shed some light into the Entheon, we originally posted some teasers back in June a tad earlier than we probably should have. We were excited and knew all of you would be excited. For the last year and a half there has been so much speculation as to which product would drop next. The majority of you guys have seen the full line of RDA’s/RTA’s and mods that we have given limited views and teasers of. Everyone thought the Citadel, then the Mahru but it has been the Entheon, it has always been the Entheon. The Entheon we consider one of our flagship pieces, above the rest, and the product shows it. Everything from materials and quality to packaging and labeling we feel it doesn’t get any better.
The Entheon is a 22mm atomizer with a reduced chamber and a deep well, featuring our Reversible Coil Clamping System (CCS), and our Bi-Lateral Liquid Injection Block. Say What? Yeah…you’ll see. The Entheon comes as a complete kit, it includes a 24.5/22mm adapter ring, multiple drip tips in different sizes and materials and Integral/510 Adapters in a nice neoprene Psyclone branded storage bag.

Additional accessories? Yup got them too, we will have a plethora of accessories. Caps, Rings, Tips, Colored O-Rings and more. Accessories will be available in the future in new materials and finishes, I will post more information once we get there. It’ll be….soon.

Now on to the drop of the Entheon, initially by continuing to postpone the release it would allow us to continue production and have a heavy stock as of the first day. However, with the Hadaly still being in such high demand we continued to produce it as long as possible until the demand subsided but it never did. So, we will begin rolling out the Entheon via our website directly as with all other products we have released. Product will still be slightly limited at first due to our constraints on production but as you guys know, we will produce as many as needed for any vaper that wants one.

To our resellers, I haven’t forgot you. As you can imagine we have been slammed with requests for the Entheon daily for the past month or more. To put things into perspective, we have hundreds of accounts throughout the world which have sold more than 20,000 Hadaly RDA’s so please excuse any delay. We are unable to accept any pre-orders currently as we just do not have the stock to fulfill your requests in adequate time. In the coming weeks, however this will change and as with any single customer we will fulfill every wholesale/distro that we are physically able to. I am still the only person handling all accounts we currently have, but I try to stay ahead of it as much as I can. Once the rush slows a down a little, it’ll be business as normal. Please bare with me.

Ok, so you have read this far…Now for what you really came here for. The first drop on the Psyclone website will be Thursday or Friday night at 9:00PM EST. The reason for the uncertainty is as you may also know, it’s looking like a bomb named Irma may drop on my doorstep. So, I need adequate time to prepare for this but also want to be able to fully dedicate myself to the website as there can sometimes be hiccups and bumps along the way. However, by tomorrow you’ll know within 24 hours of the website getting stocked. As I stated above, the Entheon will come as a full kit, everything you need and more at $87.50 USD. I hope you guys are excited as much as we are. The entire Psyclone team would like to thank everyone for your loyal support throughout the years. We are proud to say we have the most solid follower base out there. Y’all the real MVP….

Later tonight or by early morning I invite you to head over to and check out the Entheon RDA. It won’t be available for purchase but you’ll get to see some pictures we haven’t shown yet, including the deck and package list.

I am going to try to do a video like I used to tomorrow night to answer any questions and provide anymore needed updates and information I think of.