The Hadaly from Psyclone Mods is here! We here at The Vape Snob have been through a lot of rebuildable dripping atomizers. I would say it’s not fair to compare it to other RDAs, but for me personally, this is the best RDA I’ve enjoyed building and vaping in a long time. I’ve always been a single coil kind of guy in all my rebuildables. The Psyclone Hadaly is the ideal dripper for anyone looking fora straight to the point simple dripper, but also stylish atomizer. The quality of vape that comes out of it is smooth and flavorful. Even with a single coil setup, the Hadaly can probably put a lot of dual coil dripping atomizers to shame. I don’t have an issue having to re-drip every vape I take with the deep juice well, and airflow for me is just perfect, and for the retail of $70.50. The adjustable air flow works well and you can tell the difference in the quality of vape every time you want a different experience from your E-liquid.  I do not get any gurgling issues or spit back at all which is a big pet peeve for me. I’m sure like everyone else, I do not enjoy drinking my E-Juice from my RDA. I know a lot of you believe it’s going to be an exclusive dripper, especially when we’re covering it but it’s not. It will be mass produced so everyone can enjoy. For everyone who loves customizing their atomizers, it has tons of accessories. I honestly can’t wait for it to have a bottom feed dripper option in the far possibly future (i fucked, bottom feed kit is included~~~) major plus! different top cap designs. Below I have some specs and if you are a shop owner or a wholesaler ill have some info below!


Wholesale contact:

Retail Prices:

Hadaly RDA – $70.50

Delrin & Acrylic Cap – $15.50 each

Ultem Cap – $17.50

One Piece Delrin & Acrylic Cap – $17.50 each

One Piece Ultem Cap – $20.50

Ultem Drip Tip – $10.50


-22mm outer diameter.

– Stainless steel construction with peek insulation

– Precision adjustable airflow with 4 points of contact for superior performance and flavor

– Extra deep well for more vaping and less dripping

– “NEW” two post style deck featuring innovative coil clamping system (CCS) for effortless coil installation and all vaping styles

– Delrin drip tip & bottom feed pin included – Accessories available


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