Being good at building vapes and mods usually doesn’t come natural (except for us vape snobs)…it takes practice, patience, most important…the right tools.  Without the proper tools you cannot master the art of building.  What’s a painter without a paint brush and canvas?  A boxer without his gloves? Peanut butter without jelly?  You get the point… Some people can get by with a minimal amount of tools, but those who truly want to master the craft (us vape snobs) will probably need more tools than the average bear.  With better tools, the build process will be a lot less painful and the likelihood that you’ll have a great vape significantly increases as well. That being said, below are the 12 essential tools (with links to where you can buy it from Amazon) that every vape snob should own:

One more thing before the list of items…we are not going to go into detail about each item, just a quick list for you guys, but we do plan on writing more indepth articles on some of the tools, maybe even a video on how to use them.  Feel free to comment below on which tools you would like more explanation or tutorials on.  Please let us know what you guys want to see first!

1. Precision Screwdriver Tool Set

IMG_7689You’ll need a nice precision screwdriver tool set.  Make sure it has a Philips, Slotted, Hex, Pentalobe, Torx, Triangle, Y tri-wing, and SP2 so that you’re ready for any kind of odd screw set any atomizer throws that you.  Any of the 3 listed below are awesome depending on your budget.

Nanch Precision Tools – 22 Piece Precision Tool Set

SourcingBay – 45 in 1 Precision Tool Set

abcGOODefg – 45 in 1 Portable Magnetic Precision Tool

2. Syringes


Having nice set of syringes and needles for the syringes is useful for refilling your atomizers as well as for rebuilding. I would recommend using Glass syringes for your E-Liquid, especially if you vape anise, menthol, and/or cinnamon. For rebuilding wrapping coils and rolling mesh, there are a few sizes of the dispensing needle syringe that I recommend, which are pretty standard for genesis style tanks: 14 gauge, 16 gauge, and 18 gauge.

Disposable Syringes

Glass Re-usable Syrines

Dispensing Needle 14 Gauge

Dispensing Needle 16 Gauge

Dispensing Needle 18 Gauge

3. Compact Wireless Drill


A compact wireless drill is always useful around the house, but did you know it’s also useful for vape maintenance also?  Such as polishing and modifying your air flow to your atomizer.

Dewalt – Lithium Ion Compact Driver

Black & Decker – Lithium Ion Cordless Drill/Driver

4. Blank Drill Bits


Blank drill bits are great for warping coils or rolling mesh, Here are couple of sets we recommend. They will last forever if maintained and cleaned properly.  You’ll have to boil and clean off machine oil…you’ve been warned.

Drill Blank Sets – High Speed Steel 29 Piece Drill Blank Set

Drill Blank Sets – High Speed Steel 26 Piece Drill Blank Set

5. Torch & Butane


If you are going to use Mesh, it’s always nice to have a great reliable torch.

Blazer – Self Igniting Butane Micro Torch

High quality butane helps prevent clogging while low quality butane doesn’t. High quality butane also burns cleaner because they don’t contain nasty fillers and additives.  This makes a big difference on how your wick mesh will taste.

KGM Vector Premium Filter Refined Butane Fuel (4 pack)

6. Ruler or Tape Measure


You need some measurement tool to measure the right cut for mesh wicks.  Personally, I like to use a stainless steel 6-inch ruler.  Not one of those plastic colored rulers that pre-schoolers use, but the accurate ones.  Where 1 inch is actually 1 inch.

Shinwa – 6″ Machinist Engineer Ruler

Mitutoyo – 6″ Satin Chrome Finish Tempered Stainless Steel

7. Pliers, Wire Cutters, & Tweezers


Make sure you have some nice set of pliers and wire cutters for kanthal.

Halcyon – Essentials Tool Set

 Tekton – 10-inch Long Reach 90-Degree Long Nose Pliers

 Tekton – 10.5-inch Long Reach Hose Ring Pliers

 Hakko – Micro Soft Wire Cutter

8. Soft Jaw Plug Pliers


Soft Jaw Plug Pliers are life saver specially for atomizers that get stuck.

Boulderfly – Soft Jaw Cannon Plug Pliers

Boulderfly – Cannon Plug Pliers Replacement Pad Set


9. Microfiber Towel


Microfiber Towels are a must-have for polishing and cleaning up spilled juice.  Don’t use cheap napkins for your expensive mods.  You’ve been warned.

Zwipes – Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

MagicFiber cloths is really great for sucking up juice on your atomizer and mod.

MagicFiber – Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

10. Wood Conditioners & Waxes


Have alot of stabilized wood mods?  These solutions help your wood pieces keep their shine and looking fresh at all times.

John Taylor – Butcher Block Conditioner

Renaissance – Wax

Here are some instructions on how to clean stabilized wood mods.

11. Polish


Do you have a lot of brass and copper mods that have lost their shine?  Hit it with some mothers mag with a microfiber towel or polishing cloth.

Mothers – Max & Aluminum Polish

Sabrina Silver – Polishing Cloth

 12. Ultrasonic Cleaner


Everyone that has a collection of atomizers or have a vape shop CANNOT LIVE without one of these ultrasonic cleaners. They are awesome for cleaning drip tips and atomizers.

Magnasonic – Professional Ultrasonic Instruments Cleaner

Ivation – Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner


So what do you guys think of the list?  Did we miss anything?  

Leave a comment below with what tools you guys are using! Also, don’t forget to share this list with other vapers.