Psyclone EVO back in stock! It uses a DNA200, If you have seen his work on his internals from his previous work, its made for maximum performance. If your looking for a well balance mod this is where to look at!

  • Grey Gunmetal Anodized Aluminum finish
  • Will have options for different finishes for doors (stab wood is also an option)
  • Stainless Steel buttons  and color anodized aluminum buttons is an option.
  • Built in balancing charger that utilizes a micro 1amp USB cable
  • Lipo battery is included and will be offered in a 3 cell 1400mah lipo  and 1800mah lipo and near future.
  • Approximate dimensions 90mm x 56mm x 28mm (The size of the EVO is shorter but thicker than the Opus DNA200 with more battery life.)