Stickman at it again with another exotic car inspired theme, Scuderia. The Superleggera was an awesome design, can’t wait to get one of these in the studio.


Here are the specs we got off of the Stickman Facebook group.

All custom 510, battery compartment, buttons and unique Ring Cup (catch cup/airhole adjuster/slant cap).

Scuderia will be produced with different design accents.


SXJ v2 18650
Custom 510 with floating pin
82/26/44 mm. May differ according to style which can be as short as 78mm

RRP: $730 including 4 different styles Ring Cups. Excludes shipping.


scuderia-1 scuderia-3 scuderia-2 scuderia-5 scuderia-4 scuderia-6 scuderia-7