Today we’re interviewing a man that everybody loves, Preston Kight! How are you and Vapor Flask? 

Hey! Personally I’m doing very well. A tad bit jet lagged after getting back from Europe for InterTabac in Dortmund Germany and Vape Expo Paris. As for Vapor Flask, we are doing well, we are prepping shipments for the new SX units as we speak, which I am really excited for. Aside from the whole shameless self-promotion, the SX Flask is pretty much all I am using…..well that and using the fire from my mixtapes to vaporize pure VG in order to claim the thrown of the king of the chuck, but that’s just a side note that doesn’t really matter in the ever growing collab mixtape that is life.


Give us your backstory, some people don’t know what you do in the industry…Can you fill The Vape Snob viewers in on how you got to where you’re at now?

So this is something that most people haven’t ever really heard but for the The Vape Snob, I shall reveal. So it all started in rehab to be honest. I didn’t smoke before I joined the rehab program (going from one addiction to another, ironic I know). So I had started smoking heavily right about then (around 1 to 2 packs a day) and after I was about to graduate from the program, I told myself I needed to quit cigarettes.

I got a Lavatube v1 and a Lava tank. I felt so cool sitting in the meeting puffing away on a burnt cartomizer. I really enjoyed it and fell into the whole collecting scene. I started working at a vape shop when I was 17. “noooo underage rabble rabble” yeah we get it, the shop shouldn’t have let me work there, but that is the past and I am actually grateful for it. I got paid $20 a week to sell starter kits to the 5 customers we had and I loved it. I would have done it for free and I basically did. After some time I turned 18 and started working for a new shop just selling more things, after a while I progressed to inventory manager and head of product acquisition. This is where I began to build my name.

Lonnie Etter of Kumo Cotton added me to my first “high end group” which was League of Extraordinary Vapers (LXV) and I was in heaven. I began to build relationships, I got my name out there. From doing this and making connections with people, I caught the attention of a new up and coming mod manufacturing company, Vapor Flask. They asked me to join the team and take care of social media and left everything else up to what I thought I should do in terms of building the brand. I started handling customer service and built the owners’ group. New products start rolling out and we worked here at Flask to build everything and the rest is history as we know it.

Now im sitting here writing responses while sipping on a root beer and vaping juice made of solid gold on an atomizer made of diamonds. Ok that’s a lie…. I’m vaping Chino by Steadfast out of an M-atty. To me these are one in the same though. These things were acquired via friendships and relationships that are more valuable than any material possession like gold or diamonds. Basically, I am who I am because of the kindness and generosity of others along with a tad bit of work and knowing how to speak on Facebook.

TL/DR: I was drug addict, now I’m not. Flask happened, now I’m cool. Mixtape cats trill.


What are some of your favorite vape pens?

So as most know, I am an avid connoisseur of the vape pen. The Vision spinner will always have a place in my heart as a reminder of what greatness is. As of now I’m sitting here with a black tie flask serial number 45 (4/5/12 is my sobriety date so the number means a lot…you know all that goodness) and it’s pretty nice and I’m a fan of shameless self-promotion. Aside from the flask I have many favorites, most of them are made by friends of mine. I have pens that are more than just a means to stop smoking, they are representative of lifelong friendships built by an industry that, 5 years ago, I had no idea existed.

How’s your Lambhorghini?

Here in my garage, just bought this new Lamborghini here. It’s fun to drive up here in the Hollywood hills. But you know what I like more than materialistic things? Knowledge. In fact, I’m a lot more proud of these seven new bookshelves that I had to get installed to hold two thousand new books that I bought. It’s like the billionaire Warren Buffett says, “the more you learn, the more you earn.”

Now maybe you’ve seen my TEDx talk where I talk about how I read a book a day. You know, I read a book a day not to show off…it’s again about the knowledge. In fact, the real reason I keep this Lamborghini here is that it’s a reminder. A reminder that dreams are still possible, because it wasn’t that long ago that I was in a little town across the country sleeping on a couch in a mobile home with only forty seven dollars in my bank account. I didn’t have a college degree, I had no opportunities.

But you know what? Something happened that changed my life. I bumped into a mentor. And another mentor. And a few more mentors. I found five mentors. And they showed me what they did to become multimillionaires. Again, it’s not just about money, it’s about the good life; health, wealth, love and happiness. And so I record a little video, it’s actually on my website, you can click here on this video and it’ll take you to my website where I share three things that they taught me. Three things that you can implement today no matter where you are.

Now, this isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme. You know, like they say if things sound too good to be true they are too good to be true. I’m not promising you that tomorrow you’re gonna be able to go out and buy a Lamborghini. But what I am telling you is that it can happen faster than you think if you know the proven steps. So, I record a little two minute video on my website. Like I said, now it’s not the most professional video…I just shot it here with my iPhone, but it’s real. Nobody can argue, this is my true story. And I’m going to give you the three most important things you can do today. So click the link, go there it’s completely free to watch it it’s just a couple minutes. Invest in yourself. Always be curious. Don’t be a cynic. Okay, people see videos like this and they say “Ah that’s not real that’s for somebody else.”
Don’t listen, don’t listen. Be an optimist. Like, Conrad Hilton, the man who started Hilton Hotel, he said that he was only fifteen years old when he read a book by Helen Keller, and that book changed his life. Books can change your life. And in that book, Helen Keller said “optimism.” So if you’re a cynic, if you’re a pessimist, you don’t need to click here. Don’t worry about it, I don’t need to talk to everybody. But if you’re somebody who knows that there’s something better, because the dream is possible, you know, for some of you watching it’s not necessarily a Lamborghini, maybe it’s a new job, a new opportunity, starting your own company.

Maybe it’s a new lifestyle without so much stress, traveling the world, doing those things you know you’re destined to do. You can’t do those unless you understand finances. Money, I don’t call it money anymore, I call it fuel units. You must have enough fuel units to live out your dream and to live out your destiny. So, I’ll see you on my website, it’s a quick video and you’ll see it absolutely free.

So just click this video and you’ll be taken there in a second, and uh, I’m excited to share this amazing stuff. You’ll see, not because of anything of me, but because I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from mentors many years ahead of me. Not just in books like these, although I love books but also real in-person mentors. So let me share with you these three tips that have made all the difference in my life. They’re practical, you can do them today, you can start on them today. All right? See you there on my site.


Where do you store all that advocacy?

So my advocacy sits on a shelf up here in the Hollywood hills next to my 47 Lamborghini accounts. I talk about in my TedX talk about how I read 1 Lamborghini a day up here in the Advocacy hills on my Advocacy bookshelf for my knowledge accounts. So that should give an accurate depiction of my daily life. As the millionaire Warren Buffet says “Clouds bro”

How’s traveling with Pusheenicorn?

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of vaping? We’re always seeing you having a great time. Pusheenicorn is a pleasure to travel with. It was actually a birthday gift from my girlfriend Bryn. He really makes me take a step back and say “oh my god why do I have a plush cat unicorn in my hand at the Louvre” but I digress. So for quite some time I have been fond of traveling. I’ve been to Australia more times than I can count and I’ve touched sharks while scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. The place that is the most fun, however, is my farm. I spend my time there to relax and unwind from the hectic mess that is the world. Sometimes I sit and meditate for hours overlooking the lake and am filled with a sense of gratefulness. I do a lot of hunting in my free time there. Aside from the farm I also go to a lot of electronic music shows with my best friend Emory Schwall. Also I’m moderately known for stupid tattoos (I have Shia Labeuf’s face inked on my thigh for the rest of my life) so……..that’s a thing.

What are some of your favorite places you’ve visited?

I have to say, visiting Germany for InterTabac was one of my favorites along with Paris for Expo. Mostly because this was the first international trip where the VF team was all together and it was truly an amazing experience. Aside from business I would say Bora Bora was one of my favorite places simply due to how relaxing it was. That is one of the only times in my life I have ever eaten a steak on a beach. If you haven’t tried that once in your life I would suggest it, just don’t drop your knife in the sand like I did. I can still feel the gritty bite of sand steak in my mind. Imagine eating beef jerky but instead of awesome amazing salt, pepper, and spices it was covered in the failed aspirations of 3 chefs and the sadness of 14 year old Preston. But yeah, beach steak is pretty cool.


Will you be attending any events in Houston, Texas anytime soon? We can freestyle together.

I will be at Vape Summit and at Vape Showcase. If you wish to freestyle with me please remember to bring your fire proof suit since my lyrics are hotter than a Ford Pinto that just got rear-ended by a 747 powered by 35,000 watts of triple Clapton zipper plume pushing tomfoolery. Imagine Gucci Mayne and riff raff had a baby and named it Small Wayne. That’s basically me but with a far greater mastery of the lyrical arts.

Are you much of a car guy? What vehicle are you currently driving?

I would say I’m moderately into cars. I actually kinda just blew the motor in my 2004 WRX so I figured I would go with something a tad more reliable and went with a 2014 Hyundai Veloster (great little car might I add). But my dad and I are members of a track where we have a built 2002 NSX-R but I haven’t been up there in a bit so it’s somewhat collecting dust. But I guess I get some of the passion for vehicles from my dad since he was a national champion super-bike racer (If you are reading this…I love you dad) so I guess you could say it somewhat runs in the family. Granted I’m not as into cars as I used to be. I’ve somewhat gained a more practical outlook on vehicles rather than trying to race every minivan on the highway. But my Veloster will beat all of you reading this, take this as an open challenge. If you see me on the streets, be ready to get smoked by a moderately hipster, low budget diplo looking kid as I soar off into the distance like Paul Walker at the end of Fast and Furious 7…..but like without the whole dying thing (rip).

Would you give up vaping to have the power to be able to hold every cat?

If I could build a castle out of cats I would be the most stylish kitten king in all of the kingdom.
A Catstle
I’m funny…
I’m not sure if that answers the question but like, let’s be real, cats are the real MVP here. Kitty squad is the only squad. Wu-tang got nothing on them.

Any scheduled release date on your mixtapes? Are we going to see a new level of fire?

So after talking with my record label (Cats Cats Bear Records), we have determined that my next mixtape will be released anywhere between 2003 and 2007 Pacific Standard Time. The main struggle of this mixtape was getting the hamsters to cooperate. For those of you that don’t know, hamsters are the rap games dirty little secret. The firest of beats and dankest of rhymes couldn’t be completed without the structural integrity that is the small rodent. If you listen hard to the song “Love in the Club” you will understand the true meaning to the term “I go hard in the hamster” (ref. Lil Waka Wayne Raff). I deeply apologize to all of my fans…that this tape has been taking longer than expected but I can assure you my new track “Deez Cloudz” will be hot enough to melt stee……..never mind, lizards are always watching. Praise be to the lizard overlords.

Favorite old school ejuices?

*takes rip off m-atty full of shurb*…what now?
Oh, well I have to say I’m really fond of a lot of old school flavors, too many to name. But shoutout to pluid for being awesome and always making me wake up quickly in the morning. Also it doubles as jet fuel when the reptilians are in a bind.

Some shoutouts you want to throwout?

Ah well first I want to give a special shoutout to Charlie Kauss. Without you I would not be where I am today. You have literally changed my life in a way I couldn’t have ever imagined possible and I am eternally grateful.
Also the same goes for Jamie Clements, we joke around a lot but aside from being a co-worker, I view you as a lifelong friend.
Now for the other shoutouts.
John Nathan- You look like the way New Jersey smells but you’re cool I guess
Ayman Azmy- One of my best friends from all the way around the world
Mathew “M. Night” Schmulien- Breaker good flavor
Brian Kavin- You cute baby
Joe Foley- Kota good flavor
Rib Camlin- Your emotions are important
Nab Moos- So how about that 201 homie?
Dustin Hayden- How’s Alaska and stuff?
Jack Gobbledink- Hi BB I’m gonna see you at summit
John Heath- I like you and your face
Rd Smith- I want to have your babies
Ty- Tell Season to stop snapchatting me
Vince Sottile- I want to give you a mouth hug
Wes LavFevor- Come back to GA ya dink
@Wanda- You the main homie, I miss our late night chats
Senpai Q- Thank you for noticing me
Emory Schwall- You’re like a brother to me
Bryn- Hey what’s up hello.

I also want to give a special shoutout to one of my first real friends in this industry, Bart Buttermore. You are an awesome person in every way, shape, and form. I’m grateful to call you a friend


What makes you a vape snob?

So I wouldn’t say I’m a snob in the traditional sense of the word since I view things from a more practical side but I definitely have an affinity for nice things. I’m snobby when it comes to people. As most people know, I like to have fun and some view this as simple “trolling” but what I do is attempt to bridge the gap between pure monotonous rabble and nonsensical hilarious banter while attempting to maintain a small bit of professionalism. Often times it just turns into a, pardon my language, shitshow, but I do my best to stay out of drama and maintain a neutral stance on pretty much everything while still having fun wherever I find myself. I’m here for the people and the relationships through the industry. I’m not here for some false sense of self-importance because some people think I’m a big name when it comes to tooting vapor across a room full of plebs. I’m a snob because of the people I surround myself with. Long and short of it is, people make this industry great.

If you didn’t read any of this then read this one thing.

This is you (╮°-°)╮┳━┳
This is me (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Be different. Do You. Stay Trill.