How are you today?  As I’m writing this, it’s raining like crazy in Texas, how is Fresno?
I am having a swell day thus far. I’ve been skating all day in the Fresno heat and I may collapse soon, but I’m great for now. Living in Fresno is comparable to making a home in a dumpster, setting it on fire, and continuing to stay inside for 10 months out of the year. The remaining two months would best be described as being sprayed in the face by a garden hose that is directly linked to a sewer.
Just to clarify, in summary, I am not Fresno’s biggest fan, but I moved out here to be with my hot ass wife (Kylie), and I’ve got a six pack of steady homies that I roll with on a daily basis (sup Shawn and Kenny).
Dull Pickles - The Vape Snob
Can you fill us on how you long you’ve been vaping and how it all started?
I bought my first electronic cigarette in May of 2012 and it was a genuine piece of shit.  If I am being completely honest, I cannot even accurately recall the brand/model, but I can tell you it was just good enough to get me away from cigarettes for the time being.  I continued to spend copious amounts of money on bullshit and it all turned into a hobby for me pretty damn quick.
I quickly became a local at all of the earliest vape shops in San Jose (Vapor 7, Platinum Vapes, and The Vape Bar).   I was making friends that liked the same shit and I was all about it. My plans and priorities had changed; which led me to move to Fresno to live with my (soon to be) wife.  The lame thing about Fresno at the time…no vape shops.  By this point I was already vaping on mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers, so smoke shops and liquor stores would not cut it.  I went to my boy Ryan and was all “hey fool, lets open a vape shop”. and he was like “F*ck ya dude. Such a sick ass idea. You’re so cool and talented BTW.”
<cut to> We then opened a shop.  After about a year I decided to pursue other ventures in the vape industry.
I worked for an E-Liquid company for a while. F*cked around on Facebook. Ya know, the American dream or whatever.
Dull Pickles - The Vape Snob
So what gave you and Roland the idea to start WSLS (Win Some Lose Some)? You guys have been doing a great job being consistent with content, how has running that been?
Roland and I originally became friends like two years ago through my shop and his juice line. We were in a group chat with some tight ass fools, I think the group was called “Independent Black Women”. One day we were talking about Facebook vaping and shit. Talking about ‘market value’ and how flipping is demonized, but no one honestly cares. At the time, Nick The Vape Watcher in HEMO and the dudes in ELV were the only boys on the block running mods like this, so we decided “f*ck it, lets do our own group’. When we originally started, neither of us knew how it would end up. Slowly, but surely we built up a good core group with some cool ass sellers and buyers. We continue to have success running mods and we love the vibe we’ve helped structure in the group.
Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? What are some of your hobbies besides vaping and informing people about 9/11? 
Well I love skating. I started up again a few months ago for the first time after nearly a decade. I’m not as good as I’d like to be, but we have a mini ramp and a shit ton of fun. And thats what it’s all about in my eyes. I also go to a dumb amount of hardcore shows. I f*cking love music and it continues to be a major part of my life. In another week or so I’m going to see American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) in Berkley with my wife. A week or two after that, I’m going to a 3 day hardcore festival (also in Berkley) called Resurrect Cali. Shit is going to be dope. I cannot possibly prioritize my favorite bands, so I’ll just tell you 5 that i’m really into; Bane, SPINE, Lights Out, Tragedy, To The Point and Sheer Terror. Thats 6? Meh whatevs. I’m probably more of a music snob than a vape snob, but a true snob nonetheless.
Also, watch the documentary Loose Change. It’s the most logically compiled 9/11 movie ever made.
Dull Pickles - The Vape Snob
Top 5 personal favorite mods?
Istick 50w
Styx by Garage of Creations (sup Hanu)
VT Evic or whatever
SX Mini (only if its free)
Wapari SX
Gepettos are pretty damn cool, but don’t make the “top 5”
I also have a 9/11 Teleos edition Psyclone on the way that I’m pretty jazzed about.
What were some of your favorite e-juices in the past and what can’t you currently put down?
MOTHAF*CKIN TELEOS REMIXED. I’ve been drinking Chewy since I got the first bottle. It’s genuinely insane how good it is. Screwbacco by Steam Factory isn’t quite in production yet, but it’s impossibly delicious. Bringing me back to tobacco flavors for the first time in a long time. I used to vape a gross amount of Boba’s Bounty (who didn’t?). I also keep my rotation around; Charlie Noble Pistachio RY4, Kings Crest Don Juan, RNR Vanilla Custard LE, SMAX Sammie Puffs, SMAX Maffia Princess, Teleos Experiment One (duh), Teleos The Milk (1 and 2) and Jazzy Boba. Also want to give an honorable mention to Tear Drip Juice Co. Got a sample pack at ECC and all the flavors are pretty fantastic thus far.
What are your plans for the future? Can we expect to see the Pickles DNA 500 box mod?
Hahah no mods from me man. I’m friends with enough modders in the industry to know that I couldn’t handle all the ass kissing they go through. I do have something up my sleeve, but y’all aint ready for it yet 😉
There’s a rumor going around the Vape Snob team that you are apart of the Reptilian Government? Your keen sight and hearing paired with those piercing eyes has us concerned if we should turn the A/C on, we don’t want you to go into hibernation.
Well for starters, I am not a reptilian shape shifter. I’m a warm blooded human being who loves burgers, sports and sex with human women. I do not have to lay on a rock in the morning sun to get my body temperature up before I can start the day. I have never clogged any vacuum cleaners with scales. I do not lay shelled eggs. When frightened, I do NOT use tactics such as avoidance, camouflage, hissing and biting. I fight with my human hands until the threatening human is dead.

And IF I were a shape shifting reptilian (which I am totally not), I would do anything to keep my secret from the public. ANYTHING. But I’m human, so its chill.

Dull Pickles - The Vape Snob
Any shoutouts you want to give out? (No reptilian shoutouts please)
I want to send a shout out to God (non reptilian God of course), My Cat BMO, My cat Bobi (RIP), Eric and Jenny, Swan Placston, my mailman, Vape Summit Houston (CU@TOP), China, all the Kennys, Vapun, my vape crush Logan T. Crane, Welcome Skateboards, all the dudes at Triton Distribution and my sick ass human parents. Also VIPR, WSLS, LXV, TVT, FFO and 911 conspiracy theorists everywhere.
And my last question is, what makes you a vape snob?
Short answer…I’m an asshole who chucks clouds.
Dull Pickles - The Vape Snob