The O-Atty v2

Odis Collection & Design has shown that they are more than capable of designing a RDA where performance, innovation, and quality are at the forefront of their products. The original O-Atty RDA was a huge success that received amazing feedback from the vaping community around the world with its unique airflow design and deck layout. There was, however, some learning curves as it was their very first atomizer that was introduced to the market in 2016. With these lessons taken into much consideration, they took their newfound knowledge and experience and began using it as the best tool in their arsenal.

Odis has gone back to the drawing board to redesign their signature atomizer in order to bring the vaping community, the O-Atty v2! This new design has taken the key elements that lead to the popularity of the O-Atty, while adding features that are sure to please any vaper that comes across this rendition. The v2 offers a completely new post system for the simplest installs yet, while providing ample room for complex coils whether in single or dual configurations. The 4 post layout will utilize updated grub screws in preparation for withstanding an endless amount of builds and abuse. The contact plates have been removed from the new design as now they will not be necessary in this application. The deck features a concave shape which is to complement its use as a squonking RDA. This will help redirect the flow of e-liquid back to the center pin to return any excess amounts back to the squonk bottle in your device. With minimizing the excess liquid, over squonking will no longer present leaking issues for the top of your device and 510 area. The top cap will offer a 2 piece design for adjustability and fine tuning for the airflow you wish to experience for certain builds. This will also open the possibilities of new accessories to add your personal touch with Odis hardware.

The O-Atty v2 will be introduced as part of the first of many projects to be released under a new line of hardware from OC&D. The new line will provide options along a more affordable path and will be known as, The Access Line. With the O-Atty v2 falling under this line, you can expect a very attractive price point to enjoy its vaping experience. Odis has made this possible from the experience that they have gained in manufacturing processes. With more efficient machining resulting in less waste and time spent, it will now reflect the prices that vapers will see in the future.



  • 316 Stainless steel, Delrin, and PEEK construction
  • 22mm diameter
  • Gold plated hardware
  • Signature angled air flow channels
  • Concave deck
  • BF Pin included
  • Updated 4 post design
  • 2 piece top cap
  • Adjustable air flow

Odis Billet Atty

Another latest in Odis products is their approach to an atomizer for the ever popular Billet Box Rev4 devices. This atomizer will be constructed out of high grade titanium for solid build quality, and amazing flavor production achieved with new strategic design features. A unique concept for the air flow design has been implemented so that no matter what style of vape you prefer, it will suit all preferences. The air will travel through one side of the atomizer where it will then be met with a chamfered edge to be redirected and concentrated towards the coil. This of course will have the ability to be adjusted to taste and to whatever build you may throw at it with the use of an AFC ring. The ring will be located under the atomizer where 510 threads have been conveniently placed for ease of building. The air flow channel is curved along the base to cover as much surface area of your builds as possible so struggling with the correct height of the coil will no longer be present. With the wicking channels design, you have the option of having your cotton contained within the chamber, or have the ends protruding outside and into your tank. There will be much more freedom when installing your coils with the postless design, which will accept larger builds if preferred, without having to overlap the leads and the last wraps of the coil as a work around for fitment. For further flavor enhancement, the vaper will be condensed through the chimney which has a reduced inner diameter and provide the full flavor of your e-liquids.



  • Titanium, Delrin, and PEEK construction
  • Chamfered air flow
  • Postless design
  • Adjustable air flow
  • 2 piece chimney
  • 510 base

The O-Atty v2 can be expected to hit the market within a month, whereas the Billet Atty will be seen sooner. Prepare yourselves for an outstanding vape experience!