Ladies and gentleman of the vape world, we have some fire spouting from Day 1 of VPX/ECC here in Vegas!     

    In Vegas you see all kinds of interesting and surprising things that you certainly DO NOT expect to see. Most of the time, these things involve indecent homeless people and incredibly drunk young lads exposing themselves. Luckily, my surprise came at VPX/ECC. I ran into Blueeyedgoon83 and saw that he had a very interesting Goon RDA sitting on his mod. I asked if it was really well ‘heat treated’ stainless or if it was titanium. He replied that it was indeed titanium, and I immediately had to take pictures.

    What we have here folks is a titanium cap, titanium screws, and a titanium deck. I do believe that there is indeed more in store for this unique addition to the Goon family. Stay tuned!

IMG_6404 IMG_6403