Thank you for joining us today, today we want to focus more on the people behind the mods, we’re going to focus on getting more acquainted with Brandon Finney from Lautus Creation and also being part of The Vape Showcase we get to ring in about what goes on.


How’s it going Brandon, you’re a big supporter for Vape Snob and we’re huge fans of Lautus…as I’m writing this, it’s raining like crazy here again…How’s the glorious Austin weather?

Hot.  But I’m fine with that though.  I’m the type of person that bundles up in jackets and scarves once it hits 70 degrees.
Also, how’s the vape scene in Austin? Don’t see too much action going down there, any signs of a spike soon? #shotsfired
The vape scene in Austin is definitely different from the rest of Texas from my experience.  Genny’s just don’t really exist here, besides Chris Hildreth. He’s holding strong with the one man army.
The high end community is also not as strong, but that has mostly been defined by Austin being the home of the Hex-Ohm, which is an insanely huge company (what mods does Houston make again? 😉  So mostly we have drippers and people focusing on better battery life. One thing that we do need to fix is the amount of Primori in Austin.  Houston is winning that battle atm.
What are some of your hobbies outside of working on Lautus Creations, Austin’s a fun place to be in for hipster culture…I’m sure you have some crazy hobbies.
Besides gaming, I’ve really gotten back into reading a lot.  I used to read 4-5 books a week, and I’m getting pretty close to doing that again.  I’m probably at 3 a week.  And ya, Austin does have some really great culture that has really brought in some damn good food.  That’s been another hobby of mine lately.  Eat real good food.
Do you consider yourself a professional gamer? You’ve obviously showed me that in previous games (aka Rocket League). Can you fill us in on any other games you play professionally (CS:GO..)?
LOL no I don’t consider myself to be a professional gamer.   I am good but I’m way to old for that now 🙁  But ya I do like to game as a way to unwind.  Between working with Lautus, and now The Vape Showcase, it is always good to have a hobby that lets your mind disconnect from all the stress around you.  Mostly these days I focus on Rocket League, CS:GO, League of Legends, and I’m about to start playing ARK.  I mostly focus on competitive games because I just don’t have as much fun unless I’m beating people.  Oh, and I’ve been playing some MTG Online.
Are you a PC master race gamer or do you dabble with any other types of platforms?
Honestly, PC is the only way to game (sorry casuals).  Although, for our anniversay, I have to buy my girlfriend a PS4 so she can play FF7 remake. The only games I really play on console are Rock Band.  Because it’s fun and I like to drum.
With all the mods on the horizon, what are some of the newer mods besides the classics that you’re on the lookout for?
I like this question.  I really think that people were wrong a few months ago when people said innovation was dead.  We have been seeing a bunch of new mods coming out recently, both good and bad, and I’m excited for that.
I think some of my favorite new mods are the Amber mod, Lochness, the Fernweh, and I’m really excited for a new secret mod that is coming out soon that I’m not going to talk about anymore but it’s good. [what a tease…]
Last time we talked about your favorite e-juices, you mentioned you’re only vaping The Statement and Teleos exclusively, has that changed at all? I hear you’re pretty Jealous of Matt Finney’s Creamy Pear?
Both of those are still being vaped for sure.  But I’ve since added Coval Vapes and Njoy AC (Samba Sun) to the mix.  The new Rezel line is bomb (or trill if you are Preston Kight) and I’ve been vaping that as well. Oh ya, and the new Aesop line.  Fig and Leaf too good.
You’re doing Lautus full time now, how has that changed your lifestyle? Do you get more time to live your life or do you spend even more time working?
You know, when we did our first interview with you guys, I was still figuring out my schedule and my life.  Modding can be pretty up and down busy because we rely so much on manufacturers for machining, unless you are lucky enough to have your own.  But right now we are in that busy period again getting ready for the next run, and it’s probably going to be pretty steady from here on out.
So short answer is: I get to stay up late and sleep in if I want.
Anybody who knows you know you use Kayfun’s primarily, what are some of your other favorite atomizers besides the Kayfun and Kayfun style tanks? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you drip.
Favorite atty besides the Kayfun? Is the Plasmair custom Kayfun an answer?  I recently got one and it is insane.  It has taken my Kayfun experience to a whole new level. But when I do drip, and I do sometimes, I use a Tobh.  I just feel it’s the best dripper for all around vaping.  I’m also waiting on a new dripper from Captivape.  I got to try it at ECC and it’s insane.
That wraps it up for us today, I always appreciate your time and you’re one of the coolest people to be around, any last words for us?
Thanks!  You guys are awesome and it’s always been fun talking to you.  And keep watch on Lautus Creations facebook for some really cool stuff coming up.  And visit  Ok I’m done PEACE!

Brandon Finney
Co-Founder, The Vape Showcase