We’re here to hang with our good friend Dre from the Okvmi Brand, thanks for joining us Dre can you introduce yourself to our community?

My name is Dre and I am the Co-Founder of Okami Brand. I’m 26 years and currently reside in Las Vegas. I started with a simple background growing up in California. I got into the hospitality and sales industry and loved it from the get go. I enjoyed the interaction with people and loved doing sales. I smoked for 12 years before a friend of mine hit me up about this new thing called vaping.


First things first, we wanted to create a lifestyle brand—not a clothing brand and not simply a e-juice brand. We wanted to start something bigger that influenced people across the world. From clothing to juice to a mindset, we wanted something dope people would look at and want to represent.
So I started thinking…I knew that if I got into it from the start I could make something happen. All  of my friends are from different backgrounds—marketing, graphic design, business, fashion, cars. I pretty much knew someone from every genre. My business partner and Co-Founder, Andrew Pham, began collaborating, designing and brainstorming and we decided on a wolf for our logo but couldn’t come up with a finalized design. So one of my good friends, amazing graphic designer and current Creative Director for Okami Brand, Jeff Salazar, worked his magic and came up with this black and white wolf head and we all immediately went crazy over it. That head turned in to the three-eyed wolf you’ve all grown to love, and the rest is history.
We’ve worked with e-liquid aficionados, fashion gurus, business experts and along with our own brain power came up with what we have now. We’re still amazed as to what Okami Brand has become in just over a year. We’re still making moves, still booming, and still trying to grow—of course. We’ve got no plans on slowing down. Expect big things in the future. All of us at Okami Brand would like to thank our supporters and followers for getting us to where we are. We couldn’t ask for a better fan base.
OKAMI BRAND is a movement, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a mindset.
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Can you tell us about the Okvmi Brand? What’s the meaning behind it? Why the fuck is the A upside down?

Well, to answer that question Okvmi Brand is a lifestyle driven brand inspired by just the rapid progression of great design and every other aspect that falls in the basket such as fashion, music and art and so on… Definitely Okvmi Brand champions having strong social connections based off doing things better and executing with confidence, being disruptors and taking risk like Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka jumping off the top of the steel cage at madison square garden vs Don Muraco lol!.

The V as an A is a design element inspired by Bvlgari, a fine Italian jewelry company I studied back in advertising… To answer that question we just had this gut feeling that it would add some personality and spark interest just cause how unusual it looked but yet some reason made total visual sense… We wanted to add an element to our logo that really allowed us to be outside the box. the logotype & logo speaks to our very multi-cultural audience whatever it may be. We are just honored that is sparks appreciation, and great interest to the design conscious and masses.

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Sounds like you’ve got infatuation with wolves, do you have one in your backyard? Are you in the exotic animal club with Mike Tyson?

Yeah the wolf… Well just because it is a perfect manifestation of the three partners. We are all strong enough to stand alone. We are individual enough to stand apart from the rest. But when we need to get something accomplished, we are wise enough to come together like devastator to Execute.

We have always loved the quote “The lion, the tiger and the bear are the strongest animals in the kingdom, but you’ll never see the wolf in the circus”. That’s pretty much the motto… The Gemini wolf has three eyes… two eyes on the prize and already set for the next target and 2 set of fangs… one to let you know we are business and the other to remind you we are serious in every advance


Last time we spoke you were telling me the Okvmi Brand was growing into different ventures like clothing, and making your own alcohol what’s the word on that? When are you going to send me some Okvmi Vodka you promised us?

Yeah, I mean with the call me we are dabbling in many other mediums like skateboards active wear art weapons… You name it whatever the project may be, whatever we execute. We like to give it our best shot and deliver a well designed product that speaks for itself, that radiates the passion and time put into it whatever it may be.


Okvmi has been recognized as award winning juice at The Vape Summit trade show. What are your best sellers?

Our Haute Mocha had won an award for best coffee at The Vape Summit III and it does very well in certain regions. Our overall best sellers are Dolce Guave and Lychee Lauren. Our consumers have told us that they are “all day vapes”.

Tell us about your new line to the Okvmi Brand “Lit” were you LIT as fuck when you thought of this new line (no pun intended)? What inspired the design on the bottles of Lit, and the meaning behind it?

I’ll let Andrew answer this question.

Andrew: Yes Dre was LIT as fuck, he was vaping and told the crew what if we made a juice line called “LIT” and thats practically how LIT came to be.



Okvmi isn’t a one man team I’m assuming who’s part of the gang? What is everyones role?

Okami is definitely a perfect storm. The holy Trinity of chaos, respect, and passion… Dre is pretty much the heart of the company keeping the blood flowing and the rhythm right sorta like that dr. Fellow with the headphone in the Easy E movie… Andrew is the well calculated, operational mastermind that keeps our production juggernaut efficient and always evolving. Jeff directs the core strategic creative and David Blaine street magic. Collectively we all communicate with each other, and also with our passionate staff to execute what we need to do every day that is just to make better than what we did yesterday. Most importantly defend our brand.


With all these regulations coming, can you tell us if Vegas has been affected? Do you get annoyed when someone is chucking huge cloudz while you’re playing blackjack?

It really depends on the people who you are with, most are considerate about vaping just as much as smoking cigarettes. The community tends to be courteous of our surroundings. If the table allows us to vape than we just keep in mind that we are still playing with other costumers and the dealer.



Thanks for joining us Dre can you tell us where to get more info on the Okvmi Brand? and any last words and shout outs to our community?

Would like to thank the academy…oh wait this isn’t the Oscars… but we would like to thank all of our supporters out there and of course everyone at Vape Snob for all the love. And to the readers that don’t know where to find us, check us out at Okamibrand.com

Stay classy…  *drops mic*