Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about Picolibri?
My name is Yannis, I’m 33 and I’ve created the brand Picolibri in 2012. It’s a small company, I work alone at home.


What is the meaning behind Picolibri?
Colibri means humming bird in french. I lived for few years in French Guyana and every morning I saw those little birds foraging flowers through the window, this image stuck. And as the brand “Colibri” was used numerous times by other firms, I put a « PI » before . No particular reason for the « PI » ^^


Yannis, you’ve been modding for a while, and we feel that you’ve been under the radar and haven’t gotten the recognition you deserve in the vaping community. Why do you think people haven’t caught on to your products?
I don’ t really know, maybe because I followed only my own choices instead of following what other modders does or what worked well for them.
In recent months I’ve really step back from the vape community and all his fuss to focus on my own work only.


We’ve been following you and are really interested in your new project “Picolibri Allen” can you tell me about the design and how is the Aulus chip is working out for you?
First of all I did not invent anything, all already existed in areas outside the vape industry, I just apply them to our passion :). I don’t think it is an innovation (as I read), it’s just the mod I wanted to make.
I had to work on a lot of prototypes to operate the switch, the plans changed several times. But yet, technically, the system is very simple.
Regarding the Aulus, it was the chipset I was expected for a long time: compact, accurate, no square screen, working with one button… it is a true alternative to the DNA40. Yihi chipset is too big to me.


What do you think of the Aulus chip? Do you think it will be future of vaping?
It’s been a lot of work for many months, (the navigation menu is very well thought for example), Marco is very responsive. On the 1.0 Version (Beta version for modders only) there were some flaws that were corrected very quickly and efficiently. Many people are skeptical. But you have to take risks and give a chance to new boards, if we don’t we will never move forward, right?


France is known for great vaping products. Where do you see the future for vaping in France?
France and future? Two words that do not go well together right? Seriously, we are all kindly waiting for the TPD implementation, we will know more at that time about the future of the vape, but apparently it will not be too bad for us modders. Wait and see.


Vaping trends are different, country to country. Can you give us some insight into what is popular in France in terms of e-liquid, devices, and accessories?
Honestly, I’m not following close enough the vape trend in France to know what is happening.


What was your first vaping device? How did you get into vaping?
An Ego with carto tank. My wife was pregnant and she couldn’t stand the smell of cigarettes. A friend showed me his Ego, I bought a lemon and anise liquid and I stopped smoking immediately.


Who or what inspired you to be a modder? What did you do before modding?
I bought a wood mod on by a US modder on classifieds, but I’m ashamed … I do not remember his name, it was a walnut BF box… Then I decided to try to make my own box too. Before modding I worked in IT.


What are your favorite vaping products currently on the market?
I like the stuff from Animodz, Athéa, Créavap and of course Gepetto.


It was pleasure speaking with you. Do you have any shout-outs or last words to our community?
It was a shared pleasure, thank you very much for giving me the floor.
I have only one thing to say to the community: Be yourself 😉

Thank you Nicolas Dupaigne for translating for me mate.