Our friends from Vaponaute have a new atomizer coming out and we have the details here for you!


-Single or dual vertical coil rebuildable atomizer with tank
-PEEK topcap resistant to high temperatures & ultra-reduced chamber with a new concept inspired by Fluid Mechanics : The Vortex.
-Airholes are 180° apart, allowing the creation of a force which will lead air and then vapor through a swirl.
-This additional force increases vapor production and enhances flavors.
-Both Mesh and cotton can be used.
-Even though this atomizer is made for dual coil, it is not designed for “Cloud Chasing”
-Material : Stainless Stell & PEEK
-Diameter: 22mm
-Height: 33mm
-Tank capacity : 2.8ml
-Wick hole: 3.2mm for coils on a 2.5mm pole
-Adjustable airflow:

  •   Single coil: 0mm up to 3mm or 2x 0mm up to 3mm
  •   Dual coil: 2x 0mm up to 3mm

Spare kit included:

  •   1 grey Oring ID5.5mm Tore1.5mm
  •   1 black Oring ID16mm Tore1mm
  •   1 black Oring ID17mm Tore1mm
  •   2 pink silicon plugs
  •   1 M3x 4mm screw for central positive post for Clapton dual coil.

Our favorite builts:

  • Single coil: Kanthal A1 26 gauge 5 wraps
  • Dual coil : 2 x 6 wraps on a 2.5mm pole

For a liquidproof sealing, please keep the deck and the tank well closed, an O-ring seals these 2 parts together.

We recommend to screw Le Mirage by the deck when opened on a mod, because the 2 parts can detach when screwed by the tank.

Please note that all pieces are numbered from 0 to 2400 and 100% Made in France !


LeMirage3D2 LeMirage3D1