Flavor profiles: Honeydew, Melon, Condensed Milk, Cream

Bottle Size/Bottle Type:  Glass with Childproof Dripper Cap available in 0, 3, 6, 12 Nicotine 30ML bottle


E-Juice Review:

There is a popular trend going around the juice industry with condensed milk infused flavors so when I heard that there was a new juice line Lit by OKVMI Brand, I had to try it out for myself. Lit is a new juice line that is inspired by the Southeast Asian delightful flavors. I got my hands on Melon, which is a take on the popular Asian Melon Bar Ice Cream, but with a twist of sweet condensed milk. The packaging is colorful and cute that depicts a melon with cartoon looking eyes along with two warning labels, nicotine level, and ingredients description. The label has a different texture which made it easier for me to find without actually looking for it in my bag full of other juices. With a perfect balance of refreshingly sweet yet creaminess from the honeydew and condensed milk combination, I think Melon was a hit for me. If you enjoy the honeydew ice cream bar or something that is not an overly complicated flavor profile than this juice is for you and could be your next everyday vape. I personally like eating honeydew and since I got this juice, I have been vaping it non-stop.

How I’m Vaping:

I am vaping this juice on the M-Atty with spaced out coils reading at 0.52 ohms at 25 watts. This juice did leave my coils gunky after constantly vaping for a few days.

Inhale: There is subtle sweet aroma without any overpowering essence of honeydew resulting in a crisp refreshing inhale.

Exhale: Unlike the inhale, the exhale is very creamy with a bold almost milky-like honeydew flavor and a very light sweet condensed milk trailing at the end of every vape. There is a sweet juicy honeydew aftertaste which I really enjoyed.

I enjoyed Melon by Lit since it is refreshing yet still captures the creaminess very well. The fragrance in the air left a sweet pleasant honeydew aroma which I did not mind at all. For those who enjoy fruity and creamy flavor profile, I would recommend Melon.


Lit - Melon
PROSRefreshing and Creamy
CONSBatch Number Unavailable
8.5Vape Snob Approved
Reader Rating 4 Votes