Have you ever wondered where the concept of using mesh originated?  The first documented use of the material in vaping was on Electronic Cigarette Forum (ECF), the original mecca for vapers online. In July of 2009, an ECF user named Kender suggested to using mesh, deriving the idea from the smoke stacks from model trains. Though he suggested it, the idea wasn’t, at the time of suggestion, widely being utilized. That all changed in October 2009, when another user, Raidy, joined the forum. He began introducing his homemade vape devices to the world soon after. One of those atomizers, known under the codename “Genesis”, was the first to utilize mesh. So, though Kender was the first to conceptualize mesh’s use as a vaping utility, the first person to truly encourage and show the potential was Raidy, with his original Genesis atomizer.



Kender shared pictures from the Jeff Runge who used Stainless Screen Wicks for Aster Locomotives to make which was shared with Raidy. Here is a video below how they used Stainless Steel Mesh for Locomotives Train to make steam “vape” 😛




To be fair to Raidy, he was the first (likely) to develop the technique successfully for electronic cigarettes. But adapting a current technology in one industry for another does not make you the owner of it. If you take the exact design of a new anti-lock braking system from Mercedes and apply it to motorcycles, you can’t claim that technology as our own. But one thing for sure Raidy was first to share this great use for it!


Picture shown Raidy showing his first Genesis style tank. Picutres from ECF.



True Meaning of “Genisis” is in german Genisis = GENIal SImpler Siebdampfer translated to “ingeniously simple mesh steamer”

Raidy mention the advantage of using Stainless Steel Mesh for vaping is favor.




Great thing about the vaping community is we all love to share. Mesh is what I use on all my atomizers reason why? Flavor and consistency if used correctly and built properly on your atomizer with mesh should last you a long time so there is a reason why mesh atomizers have come to popular demand. but I do feel its not fully understood or mastered there is an art to building mesh style atomizers and we are here to help. keep and eye out for our build tutorials!