The French modder Picolibri’s  Lockheed look was to get a sharp and aggressive design form. There will be 2 versions The Lockheed R(Silver) The Lockheed G(Rose Gold) the modern design is including their own unique switch technology (SSC) (Stealth switch concept, there’s no visible switch on the mod). Inspiration is named after Lockheed stealth aircraft.

Specs :

– Anodized 7075 T6 Aluminium

– Stealth switch concept, Self adjustable 510 Connector

– Powered by Aulus

– 18650 Battery

– 78x30x45mm

These mods will be auctioned on Picolibri Wood Mods Facebook group on the 25th September for Lockheed R and the 26th September for Lockheed G.

Picolibri Facebook Group Link


14274348_1228836997156034_1233302508_othe 25th spetember, auction of lockheed.G and the 26th september , acution of lockheed.RG14284907_1228835463822854_1087131596_o14285015_1228834503822950_1925897257_o14285261_1228834783822922_2061893916_o14339450_1228835950489472_953742610_o