Fadi Eweidah,  the Owner and President of Odis Collection & Design. An electrical Engineer by trade, and five years ago he began vaping in an effort to quit smoking for good. Since then, he been in love with everything to do with the vaping community and industry. His partner, Mark De Campo, Creative Director is a mechanic by trade, and has always been an autodidact; Mark is incredibly skilled and genuinely focused on brand and its evolution.

Odis began in Mark’s small garage in June of 2015. It started as the result of a vision Fadi and Mark; “we wanted to deliver a product to the vape community that was not only wood-based and handmade, but durable, sustainable and of course, beautiful. We wanted to separate ourselves from the rest, by using only the best stabilized wood sources and delivering a product that would be timeless, and that is exactly what we did.

Odis initially gained its popularity through our stab wood drip tips; these tips are still created by hand, each donning their own unique marbling and markings. We hand select each and every piece of stabilized wood directly from our Canadian  supplier. Mark and I believe in only selecting the most unique and exclusive raw materials, and in creating elegant yet powerful electronic personal vaporizers.

The origin of the name ‘Odis’ came from the phrase “oh, this?” It’s something Mark and I used to say to each other all the time in reference to cool drip tips we kept adding to our collection. When we sat down to create our brand name, it just seemed too appropriate to morph the phrase into something that looked better in writing.”



510 connection drip tip stab wood and hybrid.

The Basic –       Normal length drip tip (all in stab wood)

Shorty minus –  Short drip tip thin wood walls.

Shorty plus –     Short drip tip thick wood walls.

Micro –             ultra short

Wholesale price : 15USD

MRSP: 22 – 25

Wholesale price : 20USD

MRSP: 28 – 30


Dragon drip tips for the Kennedy RDA + Griffin RTA and GOON RDA : These are also made from all wood and hybrid.

Wholesale price: 20USD

MRSP : 30


Also we can do custom work with stab wood, prices vary.

Odis Collection also manufactures Stabilized wood / Hybrid sleeves for the limitless mech mod and Able mod by AV.

Wholesale Price : 65 USD

MRSP: 80 – 100 USD


Odis Fusion Tips come in Shorty minus and Shorty plus as well as micro.

Wholesale Price : 20 USD

MRSP : 30

The fusions are the same idea as our regular drip tips but we use a ultem base with

wood over it.

Dragon tips made from Ultem only !

Wholesale Price : 20USD

MRSP: 30 – 35

We use medical grade ultem 1000 only.

Please check our Instagram page for more pictures on the drip tips! @Odiscollection

& search on facebook (Odis Collection & Design)

Our packing comes complete with a mini glass cork bottle and label.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Our Box mods :

The Odis Loco – Then name is simple but LOCO! The reason behind the name is

because of the power of the LOCO, the chip we used is a DNA200 which is a little loco.

The Loco is the smallest high end stabilized/hybrid mod on the market.

It comes complete with the signature Odis drip tip of course from the same block of wood

from which the mod is made from.

Specs are :

DNA200 STAB OR HYBRID WOOD ODIS LOCO 1000 maH – Tested in our shop and

balanced. 1 amp zip charge (Warranty for battery 10 dollar change fee.) Spring loaded

510 connector.

SS 304 Faceplate Height:

87.75mm Width

28mm Length


The loco comes with options for the faceplate :

Stainless steel Faceplate with a matching power button from the same block.

Or Stainless steel buttons.

Anodized black faceplate with matching wood button or mother of pearl buttons.

You’re getting a pretty good bang for your buck, all this for 620USD which includes

PayPal fees and shipping.

What does Odis have next??

We have many great vape products in the works!

The Odis Eros – Small compact high end stab wood mod using the SXJ-V2 this mod will

come in both 18650 and 26650.

As well as a new flavor chasing ATTY “The O Atty by Odis.”

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