Here are some updates on the Psyclone Evo:

The online store is live. If you want to speed up the checkout process we would advise creating an account TODAY to help streamline the checking out when it’s released.

There will only be * 1* Evo per customer. If you try to order multiples, they will refund your payment.

They are not taking requests of specific SN#’s.

Aftermarket Doors, Faceplate, Buttons, and “Skirt” (aka bograt, flowring, beauty ring….I’m gonna call these a “skirt”) will be available in a month or two.

NO INTERNATIONAL shipping or sales at this time.

No PayPal payments accepted.

Now to the good stuff…information on the Date, Time, Place, etc.. for the release of the Evo:

The first sale of the Evo will take place at @ 8pm MT Friday Dec. 11th.

“Like I said before, create an account TODAY for faster checkout. There will only be 70 available for this first run and I’ll have another 70 ready in a week or two. Then hopefully I’ll be ramping up production as soon as Evolv has more supply of the dna200 boards. The first 100 Evo’s will have the Hyperion 1400 mah 3s LiPo, after that the Evo will have the Adirmal 1300 mah 3s LiPo (which we are seeing really surprising results from the Admiral smile emoticon ).”