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Gepetto Box Mods had a surprise during The Vape Summit. They released a DNA200 Prototype at their booth. Many other modders released some prototypes as well but this one stood out the most to me. I got a chance to play with it and I cant wait for the final product.

The Gallery was packed and full of life. It was an amazing experience meeting everyone form the community in person and being able to put a real face to peoples’ names. Later on, I wandered off to visit some friends from Vapinart, as always they had full stock of great vape gear like G Prov Box, an SX350-J Chip super compacted, a variety of Sunbox’s, and also some rare, hard to get box mods.

Then we went off to Craft Vapery to visit and grab some Mango Boba and Kings Crest Reserved. and then visited SnowCap and said hi :). The event was very tiring but also exciting. So many mixed emotions… but maybe I was just nic’d out.

Enjoy the pictures below!  Part 3 to come!IMG_8745 IMG_8747

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