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In’Sane 22 by Athea:
Type: Cotton/fiber RTA
Material: ss316L
Diameter: 22mm
Height: 29mm (drip tip included)
Drip Tip: black Peek™
Tank: Quadrant PC1000™
Capacity: 2 ml
Price: 155 euros

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List of stores:
VapStor (France)
Vapin Art (USA)
Vape Store M5+ (Japan)
Oriental Vape OVH (Malaysia)
Intaste (Germany)
Phileas Cloud (France)
Vape Village (Japan)
Fumoaroma (Italia)
City of Cloud (China & Taiwan)
ZTVape (China)
VapeFactor (USA)
Svapodromo (Italia) (Danmark)
Smoke No Smoke (Germany)
Happy Smoke (Switzerland)
Vapes by Enushi (Canada)
The Vapers Boutique (Greece)
NNVC (Indonesia)