I pulled this over from our friends from The Vape Show Case today on their FaceBook page. So take a look.


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In Response to the Recent FDA Deeming Regulations, the Vape Showcase will Continue to Unite and Strengthen the Vape Industry

The Vape Showcase will be held as scheduled: August 19-21, 2016 at Market Hall in Dallas, Texas. After consulting with attorneys, vapor advocacy groups, sponsors, and vendors, the Showcase has concluded that we must march forward and create a forum for advocacy, businesses, and consumers to come together as a unified body. The Showcase will not waiver in its commitment to the future of the vape industry, no matter how uncertain it may seem.

Mere hours after the FDA released its lengthy Regulations, the Showcase was flooded with questions: How will the Showcase function under the new Regulations? How will policies and procedures change? Will vendors and consumers be able to sample products? While the answer to many of these questions remain unclear, the Showcase has always and will always promote compliance with the laws, rules and regulations, no matter how draconian they may seem. We will still conduct business in a professional manner, encourage safe business practices, and create an event that will foster economic growth and educate our vendors and consumers alike.

To some, the fact that the Showcase will proceed in the midst of uncertainty a mere ten days after the Regulations go into effect may seem irresponsible. But we cannot know what the future holds or how the FDA will enforce their regulations. What we do know is that we will not sit idly by while our friends and colleagues lose their jobs and businesses to overreaching governmental regulation. Now more than ever, the Showcase must promote advocacy as a necessary component to the future of the vapor industry. The Showcase has always supported multiple advocacy groups and will work hand-in-hand with these organizations to ensure that our vendors are compliant with federal and local regulations, while creating a setting that promotes business relationships and encourages direct sales to the consumer.

As we move forward over the next three months, the Showcase will continue to consult with our attorneys, as well as join with other event holders to develop policies that safeguard our vendors and their businesses during the event. Further, we encourage all business owners to reach out to their local and national trade associations for support and guidance with regard to these new regulations, consult with attorneys, talk with other vapor business owners, and be mindful of not only federal regulations and anti-trust laws, but also state and local legislation.

With the support of our sponsors, we have decided to move forward and we hope that all of the vapor industry will join us in this endeavor to make the Vape Showcase in Dallas the best event possible. The Showcase will continue to unite and strengthen the vapor industry through our events, and we believe that over time the industry will prevail. But until then, the Showcase must go on.