Soooo finally settling in and getting organized from Vape Showcase and this is another company that I was able to spend some time with. Let’s get started.

Let me say this right out of the gate, this is one of the best liquids I have tried to date. With that being said, the two guys running this operation are Brandon and Chris. The booth if you were there, was located to the back left of the Marketplace on your way in. Marked with a delectable banner depicting a fancy key lime cookie and a baker’s perfect doughnut overhung the booth. There are a lot of juice companies at every show , and all try to bring people in with tantalizing images and hype posters. Something I noticed was Primitive didn’t place too much concern into the little things, they instead let their juice do the talking. Brandon and Chris are some of the coolest guys I’ve spoken with in the vape game. Each one is humble and was patient while people asked questions and wanted to try the juice.


Fast forward to ‘hype’ day. The second and third  days of the show Vestige blew up! As I was walking around, constantly people asking, “Where is the Key Lime?” By the end of the show there was no more Vestige. People were coming up wanting the last bottles of 3mg, finding out there was no more and asking for 0 or 6, only to be disappointed that the nectar had indeed been tapped. This is why companies go to shows, and keep pumping out new product. Eventually, the right people stumble upon the formula for success. Primitive is still a relatively new company and with just this one juice, showed us first hand how hard work and the right values can manifest themselves into success. This was not some ‘hype’ juice coming in that everyone knew about, this was a juice made by two guys that truly spoke for itself.


Unfortunately, Primitive did not win the flavor contest that Vestige had been entered in. When I asked if Vestige had won, with a slight smirk Brandon replied, ‘No, but we are almost out of bottles.” This is the kind of attitude that truly makes winners. This is why I am glad I was around. Later in the day, I was informed that Primitive Vapor Co. had been picked up by Giant Vapes anyway and that losing the competition wasn’t the end of the show for Chris and Brandon. I look forward to future flavors by Primitive and am glad to have met them.