The country of Taiwan has joined the vaping nations with their project from ES mods, the “Estoque Box Mod”. It is the first Taiwanese-made mod and it looks very promising with a sporty and sleek design.  

Just in case you did not know where Taiwan was located or that it was even a country, below is a map for your reference.



The name “Estoque” was inspired from a matador’s sword, symbolizing the sporty and elegant look and feel. The sleek design and detail was also inspired by sports cars.

  • SX 350J 26650 Box dimension : 89x 54.5x 32mm
  • Custom brass spring loaded 510 -PEEK isolator
  • Custom brass battery cap – well venting
  • HA aluminum Front plate & buttons
  • External single screw design


For more info:

Estoque Mods by ES Facebook Fanpage
Facebook Secret Facebook Group


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