I had chance to speak with one of the team members from Atelier Magnus, Kelvin Ong.  He wanted to showcase The Phantom Project that features an all new way to connect your atomizer with an special halo 510 allows for quick release and quick connect atomizer swaps while maintaining good conductivity.

“The Quick atomiser and battery swaps was the basis of the high end mod Phantom Project.

The Halo 510 is a ball lock type coupler. The ball lock coupler, primarily used in the gas and liquid industries is not a new idea but these industries did not need electronic contacts in the coupler. Therefore by adopting this concept we had to design a coupler that would work with electronics.

Provided with the mod are 18mm, 22mm and 24mm adapters to suit the common atomiser sizes. In the future there may be more renditions of adapters available for the Halo 510.

The conventional battery tube needed endless turns to unthread the battery cap. We had to think of a way to quickly undo a battery cap and also its usability. With our battery plate, the user just has to make 2 turns to loosen and slide it out. The slide concept was used to prevent the battery plate from falling off once its loosened.

Our choice of materials use is stainless steel 304 grade for the halo 510 due to its hardness characteristics and aircraft grade aluminium 7075-T6 for the sub assembly and battery contact for its lightness and good electrical conductance.

We chose to go with an 18650 battery for this mod to keep it small.

There are 2 options available for regulators, Evolve DNA60 and Dicodes BF60.”

Specifications and materials:
�Regulator :�Dicodes BF60�Evolv DNA60

Halo 510 :�304 Stainless Steel �Brass�Silver plated springs

Sub-assembly and Battery Plate :�7075-T6 Aluminium

Battery :�18650

Adapters included : 18mm, 22mm and 24mm �(Additional adapters are available for purchase)

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