The Vape Showcase displayed some best vendors from Texas. We had a chance to scope around and was able to visit Triton Distributions, Vaporescence, CravingVapors, and HexOhm…all big players that made the event a legitimate and established show for Texas. With Dylan from Vaporescence pushing for vaping advocacy and preparing vapers for the fight ahead of us…the fight for our rights for vaping. Overall…the show was very intimate and what made the show even better, was getting the opportunity to get some of the many Texas hand crafted e-liquids below wholesale. The Vape Showcase was an enjoyable and fun experience.

We would like to give a special thanks to all the vendors, in addition to all the attendees,  that helped make this show happen. Without you, it literally and physically would not have been possible.

This was the first showcase, and considering how successful it was, you know that the next one will be even crazier, bigger, and more cloudy. Looking forward to the next one…Enjoy the photos!

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