Today we have a great Malaysian modder here to talk about his company Thir13en Concepts. His designs are dope and limited! Be on the lookout as this company moves forward!



Why don’t we start off with a brief introduction?
My friend calls me Ayie Jangguttouch but sometimes they just call Ayiejt. I’m from Malaysia and started vaping end of 2011. I started to get into modding with another modder, in 2014 C-frames were a big hit at the time, we improvised the design and came up with sleeves and what not. In 2015 I decided to come up with my own design/brand, so here we are now with Thir13en.
 thir13en07 thir13en05
Tell us about the meaning behind the name, Thir13en.
The name Thir13en came from the Zodiac, interestingly all of us know that there are 12 Zodiac. I’ve did some research and found out there are actually 13 or it, hence the name Thir13en. Also 13 Ghost was one of my favorite movies! 😀
Tell me about your mods. Why limit production of each design?
Our first public release was the end of Dec 2015 during Malaysian VapeFair. We came out with “Cancer” 18650 and “Virgo” 26650, both powered with DNA40. Later on we introduced 2 more 26650 models “Libra” & “Leo” and 18650 “Scorpio”.  “Gemini” is our latest model. All 4 models are powered with the SX350j chip, each model has a maximum of 50 units (or less) to be produced. I would like to create our very own followers/fans and also I would like get out from One-Hit-Wonder kinda perceptions, which inspired me to came out with various design so that we can cater different type of users in the vaping community.
How many people are on your team?
We’ve got five amazing guys on the team, Steven, Erik, Rayyan, Bad & Syed. Each of them have a different set of skills and ideas which is a good combination for Thir13en.
We have put a lot of effort in each & every single details in the mod, so we can ensure that every single cents spent for our product is definitely worth it.
Thanks for taking your time speaking with me today, any last words and shout outs?
Millions of thanks to Vapesnob for giving us the opportunity to share to everyone about 13concepts. Most important are our followers for giving us the support and trust, we could have not done it without you all, you are the reason why we are still here in the business. Our main priority are the customers, so if you guys have any issue or doubts please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I will try my best to assist each and everyone.