It’s show travel blog time. Last weekend was fun seeing all the familiar faces at Vape Showcase. I kept it kind of low-key, so I could just walk around and get some random pictures in. There were lots of interesting things things and lots of new people I got to meet. Even after the regulations, it was great to see such a great crowd this weekend. Paying a little bit here and there for sampling and no free giveaways should not deter the vape community from going to any shows. Support the scene, because we want it to stay. Going to cut this post short and let y’all see what I saw last weekend!

VSCD-0823 VSCD-0824 VSCD-0826 VSCD-0827 VSCD-0828 VSCD-0830 VSCD-0831 VSCD-0832 VSCD-0834 VSCD-0835 VSCD-0837 VSCD-0838 VSCD-0841 VSCD-0845 VSCD-0846 VSCD-0849 VSCD-0852 VSCD-0856 VSCD-0858 VSCD-0860 VSCD-0866 VSCD-0868 VSCD-0869 VSCD-0870 VSCD-0872 VSCD-0876 VSCD-0879 VSCD-0881 VSCD-0882 VSCD-0886 VSCD-0887 VSCD-0888 VSCD-0890 VSCD-0897 VSCD-0899 VSCD-0902 VSCD-0908 VSCD-0911 VSCD-0913 VSCD-0914 VSCD-0917 VSCD-0926 VSCD-0933 VSCD-0934 VSCD-0935 VSCD-0937 VSCD-0938 VSCD-0939 VSCD-0940 VSCD-0941 VSCD-0942 VSCD-0944 VSCD-0945 VSCD-0948 VSCD-0952 VSCD-0953 VSCD-0959 VSCD-0962 VSCD-0965 VSCD-0966 VSCD-0968 VSCD-0970 VSCD-0973 VSCD-0976 VSCD-0977 VSCD-0983 VSCD-0984 VSCD-0990 VSCD-0992 VSCD-0995 VSCD-0996 VSCD-0999