Psyclone Mods,  was kind enough to give one spot for one lucky person an chance to buy an “Psyclone Evo” before first production run. We will release the winner for the random raffle on Wednesday 11/18 6pm Central. Here is your chance to buy an “Psyclone Evo” before anyone else does.

  • Grey Gunmetal Anodized Aluminum finish
  • Price $275
  • Will have options for different finishes for doors (stab wood is also an option)
  • Stainless Steel buttons  and color anodized aluminum buttons is an option.
  • 510 connector or Springloaded
  • Built in balancing charger that utilizes a micro 1amp USB cable
  • Lipo battery is included and will be offered in a 3 cell 1300mah lipo
  • Approximate dimensions 90mm x 56mm x 28mm (The size of the EVO is shorter but thicker than the Opus DNA200 with more battery life and also built bettter ;D.)

Links Below:
Google Doc Forum To Enter

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