Q: Please introduce yourself, tell us how you started?
A: We are Faiz and Syamim (better known as Abey), a couple guys from Malaysia who started modding a few years ago. It all began when Faiz had a challenge with his friend to see who could make a mod. It turned out to be a lot harder than it seemed and Faiz’s friend all but gave up. Faiz persevered and enlisted Abey and together the first Champion mod was born.
Q: I was been fascinated about your name why the name “Stickman”?
Stickman is a blend of the both of us. It’s a bit of a funny story which you’ll probably have a better appreciation for when you meet us in person because Faiz has a big head and Abey has skinny, long limbs. So combine us together and voila – a Stickman! 😀
Q: How was your visit in America during The Vape Summit 3 in Las Vegas?
A: It was completely hectic and a lot of fun. We didn’t sleep for three days as we were adding finishing touches to all the mods and also meeting so many people. It was fantastic to finally meet everyone in person and catch up with some friends too. The food was excellent but we were not prepared for how dry the air was compared to humid Malaysia – our lips were chapping our skin looked like scales!
Q: Favorite E-Liquid brands?
A: Jimmy the Juice Man’s Shrub is a current favourite.
Q: What are some of your favorite mods and atomizers from other modders?
A: Atties of choice are Athea and Hellfire. As for mods, we only use our own Champions as we are always testing them out to see how we can better improve them so from a user perspective we can’t say. However from a design perspective we really love Kitchen and Gepetto.
Q: Do you plan to expand your reach with other products in the feature besides mods?
A: We have plans for other products in the pipeline. We are very particular about quality as it is one of the pillars of our brand which is why rollouts of new products tend to take some time as we strive to perfect our products for the customer.
Q: Do you have other hobbies besides vaping?
A: We like to go hunting and also tinkering about with mechanical contraptions and design.
Q: Champion Superleggera I’ve overheard from other people that the carbonfiber is actually from the legendary Lamborghini themselves is that true?
A: We’ve got a few sources for our carbon fibre and some are from Lamborghini’s supplier. Others are custom made and we will look into introducing newer designs.
Q: What upcoming releases, projects, or events are you working on?
A:Our new SuperLeggera series will be released in the next few weeks. We have been working hard for the last few months on finalizing the design and making a few improvements to the prototype which was showcased at Vape Summit 3 in Las Vegas.
Q: Where can we find more information Stickman products?
A: Our Facebook page (Stickman) is the main source of information regarding updates, new releases and sales. Also we will be launching our website in the next few weeks and will announce it on our FB page once it’s up and running.
Q: Thank you for speaking with us do you have any shout outs, or last words?
 A: We are working hard to bring new designs to meet the needs of the different segments of the market. Till then, thank you all for your continued support – it means the world to us.