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Market Value
1500-2000 (2/3/2016)
Battery Cap
SS Cap
Silver plated copper pin, fully adjustable 510 to compensate for air hole direction
Frame Type
Stainless Steel
Custom milled, no mitecs.

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A joint collaboration between Gem Dyllinger, Erick Dy, Dan Brown, and Ken Rivera. Follow us @FernwehMods on IG.

**Market value is not exact and may vary under circumstances. Value listed is the average price mod has been sold for

2 reviews for Fernweh

  1. Michael Price (VUDO)

    The Fernweh is more then just a mod!! It’s love , passion and dedication! And you will understand this from the moment it arrives in your mailbox. The feel , the look the functionality just takes my breath away pure sex! To make a long story short it’s a MUST HAVE!!! Their group is great , the admins the Modders I can’t muster enough words to describe it at the moment but if you own you will totally understand what I’m trying to say

  2. Edgemont

    This mod, the Fernweh is beautiful, functional and beyond the sum of its parts.

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