To celebrate 2nd year anniversary of Champion Scuderia Stickman Team release very limited run of Polished Aluminium Scuderia. The Prototype Champion Scuderia was aluminium, so this was to commemorate it. there are only 7 out in the wild. This very exclusive run were for the true Stickman fans.
Note: the work to polish requires many layers of different grit and takes a longer time than wood. The logo is etched , so it’s deeper than a laser engraving also the pouch is specially made to carry the mod so it’s scratch free and the cloth that comes with it, is very high quality micro fibre used by opticians
The wax that comes with it is also a custom mix. It not only helps clean n shine but removes swirls n tiny scratches But even if you don’t clean or remove the swirls and scratches, it will eventually still look good high end mod like a more matte version.