Previous Specs From v1

The version out right now have (the V1) has: 22mm 316 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Lead free brass, adjustable, 510 pin (for the regular version only) Peek positive post insulators Single / Dual Coil capable Adjustable AFC – 3x2mm holes per channel Under coil airflow – outlets are slotted to fan air over coil, and angled 20 degrees so that the coil isn’t directly over the hole. This helps to prevent juice dropping into the hole.

Dual posts – clamps not holes. Allows the wire to be trapped onto a solid, flat platform providing a strong connection, ideal for NI200. >5mm deep drip well. Reduced, conical top-cap – condenses and intensifies the vapor Teflon drip tip so heat doesn’t’ transfer to the tip. Post slots can be adjusted to face inward if you prefer allowing a bit of flexibility when coiling. Positive post is o-ring sealed to prevent leaks where possible through screw threads. FULLY strippable if you want to break it down and clean – though the screws and 510 base must be done up super tight to ensure a solid connection.

IMG_8504 IMG_8516

Specs of v1.5

The V1.5 about to be released has the same, but the following changes: New style AFC (different dimple profiles) The 510 base is screwed on with screws, rather than reverse threading. The internals have all been revised making stripping / cleaning / reassembly SUPER easy. It comes with a bottom fed pin – no additional purchases needed. The bottom fed pin is also fully adjustable – not many, if any, BF atties have this. The posts are keyed, so they can only face two directions – saves them spinning when reassembling after a clean.

12048557_10152993479571364_1022166418_n (1)

Also in the works is CloudCap accessory fitted so far only 3D Render Dual 3x2mm from the bottom and MASSIVE slots over each coil #cloudz