We have here the Mirage V2 from Epsilon Mods, created by Nicholas Foo from Malaysia. Epsilon Mods may not be one of your big modders out there in the scene yet, but even the small guys out there deserve to get some attention too. So we’ll be talking just a little about the Mirage V2 today.
Epsilon Mods Out of the box the Mirage has a very solid feel to it and the choice of wood Nicholas used for this particular mode photographed beautifully. The Mirage is outfitted with the DNA60 and uses an 1860 battery. Epsilon Mods Looking closer into the frame, its just so nice to look at. The black titanium gives it a very nice look compared to the first iteration of the Mirage that I have seen. The engravings are clean and give a nice contrast to the frame and buttons.
Epsilon ModsEpsilon Mods
Epsilon Mods

This overall is a very nicely crafted mod. Definitely was a great mod to start the year off with that isn’t coming from the usual modders.

For more info about Epsilon Mods, check out their Facebook group here.

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