First official video of the new Italian chip called Aulus.  Designed and made in Italy, the question is… can it compete against the Evolv and the Yihi?

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Oled 0.69″ Blue
Animated menu with graphics.
Custom logo (on request)


Input max 5 Vcc (1 battery) or (2 batteries in parallel)
Output max 15 Amp

Variwatt 5.0w – 50.0W Step 0.1W
Varivolt 1.0V – 9.9V Step 0.1V

Temperature Control 100∞C – 300∞C o 212∞F – 572∞F

Power On/Off
Battery Monitor
Check Atomizer (0.10 Ohm – 4.0 ohm )

Battery Safe Limit 2.7V – 3.5V
Puff Time 5″ – 20″
Booster 4 levels
Temperature in ∞C o ∞F
Display Setting Rotation (LEFT – RIGHT)
Display BRIGHTNESS 25% – 100%
Default Reset

USB Battery charger (750 mA)

All features on one single switch
Can operate with external fire button
Can operate with external control switches (+ & -)

Temperature Control on 15 different materials plus the “Other” selection for custom settings.

Smart battery management


No Atomizer
No Calibration
Short Output circuit
Reverse battery protection.

Would like to thank Makram from SuperCigs for the preview!