Wholesale inquiries are for *Aluminum only* please email: hobo@hobocustoms.com with “wholesale” in the subject line

  • Hybrid $390
  • Stab wood $350
  • Aluminum $200
  • Titanium button
  • Custom user adjustable (screwdriver) 510 connector
  • Built in balancing charger that utilizes a micro usb cable (android cell phone charger) that you have at home
  • Lipo battery is included and will be offered in a 3s 900mAh or 3s 1300mAh option.  Approximate dimensions of the 1300mAh box are 3.75″ height x 2″ width x 1″ thick (about the size of a deck of cards)

When will we be able to purchase a HoBo-X?
They are finishing with the initial machining of the components now. Once completed the boxes will be sent out for wiring and final assembly. They will test each unit and then ship back here to Hobo Customs. Then they will do a second testing here and a final inspection of the units. They’re anticipate release date is mid to late September on the first 50 units and continued ongoing production after that.

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