You’ve just got the dream mod that you’ve been hunting for, and finally got that atomizer you’ve been waiting for in the mail. You piece it together then think to yourself that something is off. You feel like you’re missing a small detail to make your set up look flawless. Well, these handmade adapters from the UK will give your mod that small detail to give it that seamless look. The atomizer sits flush inside the adapter, and the adapter sits flush onto the Mod. It sits right in-between the atomizer and the mod, giving an impeccable and clean look to your personal e-cig setup.

No BogRat Adapters. stock

These beautiful combinations look a little off without adaptors, no?

BogRat Adapters on Mods.

The adapter flushes the atomizer out to the mod and gives it a nice aggressive look.

BogRat Adapter

BogRat adapter making this Hellfire Dripper look more flush on this X-One by Jemit.


Here’s a couple online retailers that carry BogRat Adapters: