A true testament to innovative engineering in France, the In’ax, by Athea, was at the time, and still remains, an masterpiece in the world of vaping.

It is a genesis style, designed to be used with stainless steel mesh (or cotton, but who the fuck are we kidding). Unlike your typical genny, it has a centered wick hole, and is exceptionally leak resistant.


As far as the 22mm version goes, there have been 3 versions, with slight revisions between all of them, from minor changes to the deck from MkI to MkII, to a completely redesigned airflow between the MkII to the MkIIR. The differences, however, all provide different nuances and a vastly different vape experiences.
INAX 22mm /Glas Titan

Those differences aside, all of the In’ax atties are build very similarly. A typical mesh build is fairly simple if you’ve dealt with gennies before, and is done like this:

And a cotton build (the devil’s work) would be done like this:

In my opinion, of all gennies currently released, the In’ax (any iteration of it) is at the top of the charts. It’s an insane flavor producer with great vapor production for an atty that runs stainless steel mesh. And yes, I said an atty that runs stainless steel mesh, because if you’re running cotton, you’re doing it wrong.