Kudzu Mods will be at The Vape Showcase and Cole (the modder) has some interesting stuff to share with us. The Kudzu team will be releasing the best of Kudzu, with amazing inserts and extraordinary frame finishes. The team will also be releasing a new mod called the Minx, inspired by Gepetto Box Mods and their classic mod the Elite v2.  Kudzu Mods was always an huge fan of Gepetto’s work and it inspired him to make the Minx small and compact, but in the Elite v2 style  (3.6″ tall , 1.7″ deep, 1.1″ wide). The Minx will be available with different chipset options like the SX350J, 130h, and DNA 40 big and small screens. Special Vape Showcase Kudzu Mods and the Minx concept prototypes will be available through raffles and auctions only at The Vape Showcase’s Market Place.  Custom orders will be available after the event.

Check out the list of Modders at the Market Place:

The Vape Showcase Website:
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