This new new from Gepetto is aiming to be more readily available to the masses of the high end community and a price point that is lower than any other Gepetto currently made.

– Super simple design
– Single 18650 battery
– DNA75
– Dimensions 27x34x97 millimeters
– Full Wood Body, No visible metal parts, super easy to polish or fix any scratch
– Flush wooden buttons , almost “invisible”
– High availability
– RRP sub $500

This will be their “mid tech” model, way more available to everyone, closer to an “Everyman” mod. DNA75 for now, single 18650, small as fuck (about an inch and a half taller than an 18650 and about an inch thick, a bit over an inch wide. As soon as they get everything lined up people can expect way more packages with Gepetto stamps on them coming out of Poland – and all that at about 395$ + shipping of your choice. We are not sure yet as far as price goes, but it should be in that range. No gaps, no seams, 2 types of wood to provide a bit of a contrast and to make the mod “pop” a bit more. Same customer service as usual, so they are doing our best to keep it 100%. Despite making it more of a “budget” model with a chip more suitable for 2016, Gepetto will not compromise quality.

senzill-08 senzill-07 senzill-05 senzill-04 senzill-03 senzill-02 senzill-01

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