We were pleased to have a chat with Syamim Saadun Zubir, Chief Designer of Stickman about the upcoming Champion Scuderia

What is the concept of Champion Scuderia?
We like the firing button positioning of Billet Box and thus envisioned a unibody wood mod with a side/front button.  Our aim was also to make the mod as small as possible as a compact size size would enable greater flexibility in the way you choose to use it.
How long was the development process?
It took us approximately 5 months as we had to rethink every component in the mod and come out with several versions of the mod.  The ones that were launched on the Stickman page are the final versions.  There will be minor tweaking to the production unit but it’s more of a quality check.
Why the name Scuderia?
It’s to keep up with the racing name themes but it has to be meaningful too. It mean a stable or group of. We intend to use the platform that we have created to come up with different design accents for this line of mod.
What are new design elements of this mod?
Firstly, we had to find a chip flexible enough to work with, to achieve the clean front button look.  The SXJ chipset is the easiest to manoeuvre for our purpose.
Secondly, we had to design our own floating pin 510. The differences to the conventional 510 are that we custom it to enable airhole position adjustment, we designed the spring to be an inverted cone so as not to touch the body of the pin and we moved the insulator to a fixed position and not tied to the spring.  All these will decrease the incidence of ‘spring lock’.
The battery compartment also has to be rethought to minimize the size.  We slice off 3mm of thickness by moving the the threading lock to a smaller footprint. Also the battery adjuster has a small footprint. The adjuster has grooves to enable greater airflow.
The ringcups are unique to Scuderia.  It’s used to position airlfow as well as a catch cup.
We also have an additional stabilisation process to harden the wood. When wood is send to us, some of them may expand and so as to ensure less movement when the wood is moved to a lower humidity environment, we restabilised the wood.
Lastly, we created an internal process and part to ensure easy chip installation. That little part costs a lot to make!
Does it take a long time to make one mod?
We will find out soon when we move into production phase but the amount of shaping and sanding for this wood is time consuming.  The shape didn’t come about from just milling.  The process for the entire assembly takes a while too because of the custom parts work involved.
What would the customer expect from the mod?
The end result is possibly the smallest and most compact full wood mod in the market.  The personalization possibilities with the ring cups are endless.
What are the plans for the Superleggera?
That line will be continued and evolved albeit in smaller numbers.
Will we be seeing you in any shows soon?
We plan to attend Vape Showcase in Dallas. Cant wait to meet our friends and customers there.