We just got some exclusive word that MEB Mods will be at The Vape Showcase in Dallas, Texas this weekend…and Matt is bringing some ultra rare heat with him.

The Vape Snob is proud to debut the first installment of Collector’s Edition M-Atty’s which will be exhibited at Showcase this Saturday.

MEB Mods will be releasing 15 COMPLETE M-Atty’s including accessories and limited edition parts machined from exotic US forged materials. In total, there will be 5 different sets of 3 Collector’s Edition M-Atty’s released this year.

The limited edition parts are nothing new to MEB Mods. Ever since Matt linked up with Joseph Calvert of Griphook back in 2015, they have been collaborating on small runs of MEB parts made from high end and exotic materials. However, these collaborative efforts are still extremely rare and hard to acquire, not to mention the M-Atty itself. Prior to this release, Matt has only sold AFCs made of such exotic materials so this will be the first time Matt has made these available as complete units with all the other parts that come standard with an M-Atty.

MEB Mods Damascus 01

MEB Mods Damascus 02 MEB Mods Damascus 03


The first installment of the Collector’s Edition M-Atties include:

-Matching stainless steel Chad Nichols Damascus AFC & 24mm > 22mm M Ring cut from the same bar

-1 of 15 deck engraved with “ZFG” serial number

-Black ultem dome integral tip

-Single coil reducer

-Polished stainless steel drip tip adapter

-Black ultem shorty drip tip

Check out mebmods.com for more of their available products.

Stay tuned for more exlusive info on upcoming MEB Mods releases.