French Modder Yannis Thiroux (Picolibri) is releasing his new project, Pyra MKII with a DNA40. Two different versions will be released.

The silver prototype will be released in the Picolibri Group on Oct. 4th via auction.


– 2 Version : Pyra XS MKII (18650) , Pyra XL MKII ( 26650)
– 3 finish : Stainless steel, Sterling Silver or Solid Gold
– Switch fire : Stainless Steel , Sterling Silver, or Solid gold
– Black screen (but the DNA screen is always visible)
– Switch up down in bottom of the pyra (stainless steel)
– DNA40 Gold
– For sterling silver : master hallmark
– For solid gold 14K and 18K : master Hallmark and French government hallmar
– New design
Size for XS : 77 x 42 x 28 mm
Size for XL : 77 x 49 x 28/35mm

Picolibri Facebook Group


DSC_0001 (7)

DSC_0003 (1)